Red Notice's Ryan Reynolds suggests Deadpool with a Bollywood twist; Dwayne Johnson game for a B Town debut

Updated on Nov 14, 2021 07:07 AM IST  |  203.8K
Ryan Reynold Dwayne Johnson
Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson talk about their love for Bollywood.

Be it because of social media or Priyanka Chopra taking over the world, the awareness and attention towards Bollywood in the international circuit has significantly grown. Several Hollywood stars are now seen interacting with Bollywood's who's who on social media and the mutual appreciation between both the entertainment industries has increased and it's evident in how Hollywood stars are open to exploring B-town and appreciative of its cinematic value.

With streaming platform releases gaining a global audience and fan base, the lines are truly blurring between entertainment industries across the world. One of the recent big releases on the streaming platform Netflix was, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot starrer Red Notice. The action adventure's lead cast recently appeared for a global press conference which Pinkvilla was a part of and were asked about their Bollywood knowledge. 

Ryan Reynolds explained how his recent release Free Guy took notes from Bollywood when it comes to infusing joy. The actor spoke about making a film that would be an antidote to the suffering everyone faced due to COVID-19 and mentioned that it was the elements of Bollywood that aim to infuse joy through their films that he borrowed.

The actor further added on that if he was to adapt one of his films into the Hindi film industry though, it wouldn't be Free Guy but, in fact, his choice would be Deadpool. Talking about how the MCU superhero Deadpool would fit right into the Bollywood universe, Ryan said, "I think it'd be easier, easier for Deadpool to embrace the Bollywood culture. You know, Guy in Free Guy is an NPC, he's a non-playable character. He exists only in the digital world. But Deadpool, you know, real flesh and blood. So that would be I think it would be Deadpool." 

Red Notice

Although it's not just Reynolds who holds immense love for Bollywood in his heart. His co-star Dwayne Johnson also spoke about India's entertainment industry with much appreciation as he stated he would be game to star in a Bollywood film if offered. 

The actor who has worked alongside Priyanka Chopra in her Hollywood debut for Baywatch spoke about being well aware of the industry and said, "I have not been offered one in the past, but I would love that. And you know, I, as I would like, we talked about this the other day when there's like two big cultures in terms of entertainment, it's coming out of Bollywood and Hollywood. There should be more crossover. So I think that would be really cool. Absolutely. And I'm well aware." 

Hearing Johnson's answer about being game to work in Bollywood, his Red Notice co-star Gal Gadot added that it would indeed be "easy" for him. 

Considering the massive fan base that all three stars of Red Notice have in India, they would be welcomed with massive excitement if they plan to take on any Bollywood cameos. In the meantime, the trio can be seen in their exciting Netflix film, Red Notice that will release on the streaming platform on November 12. 

Would you love to see Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson make their Bollywood debuts? Share your views with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

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