Renee Paquette RECALLS Triple H offering to help an injured Jon Moxley months after his WWE departure

Updated on Jul 29, 2021 01:53 PM IST  |  143.2K
Triple H kept checking in with Renee Paquette to make sure Jon Moxley was okay.

In the latest episode of Oral Sessions, via Wrestling Inc., Renee Paquette recounted how Triple H had checked up on her husband and former WWE wrestler (currently with AEW!) Jon Moxley much after his May 2019 departure from the wrestling company. In a conversation with Cassie Lee and Jessi McKay, who WWE fans know as Peyton Royce and Billie, the trio discussed the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions' heartbreaking release in April.

Renee, who herself left WWE last year, acknowledged the friendships in the industry that grows, possibly even deeper after departing from the company. Inspite of the increasing competition among other promotions, notably AEW, the camaraderie between the talents across the board will always remain. Giving an example of the same, Paquette recalled how Triple H went out of his way to check on Jon, formerly known as Dean Ambrose in his previous employment, after the 35-year-old wrestler suffered a severe MRSA infection in his elbow back in August 2019.

"Even when Jon left, there were times that Hunter [Triple H] pulled me aside because Jon was injured when he came back from New Japan. Hunter kept checking in to make sure that Jon was okay," the 35-year-old commentator, formerly known as Renee Young, recounted.

"If he needed anything, they [WWE] would have been able to help him in any kind of capacity. So it was nice to know that that olive branch was still extended, and it wasn't that heat-seeking thing that everybody thinks that it is. We've all spent so much time together, and nothing bad went down," Renee added.

What's noteworthy about Paquette's revelation is that Hunter's kind gesture comes four months after Moxley's contract with WWE expired. By then, Jon had already made his AEW debut and was thriving there.

No matter the competitive streak, some acquaintances in the wrestling world overcome those odds!

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