Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City: Netizens give a thumbs up, hail film as a 'brilliant adaptation'

Updated on Dec 05, 2021 02:57 AM IST  |  261.4K
Netizens give a thumbs up
The film, which is now in cinemas, is written and directed by Johannes Roberts


The first Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City twitter reviews are in, and they're mostly positive for the accurate video game adaptation. The newest instalment of the series follows Chris and Claire Redfield, Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, and Leon S. Kennedy as they investigate the deadly zombie epidemic in the namesake Midwestern town and its links to the nefarious pharmaceutical firm Umbrella Corporation. The film is a more authentic version of Capcom's series, drawing straight from the tales of Resident Evil 1 and 2.

The film, which is now in cinemas, is written and directed by Johannes Roberts of 47 Meters Down and presents an adaptation that is quite close to the original material. He intelligently reboots the films and abandons the convoluted continuity of the six Milla Jovovich Resident Evil films, which have little resemblance to the games. However, while one Twitter user hailed the movie as 'fu***** awesome,' other user wrote, "Though it was a brilliant adaptation and can’t wait to see what direction they take it in!" Without revealing too much, scroll down to see what netizens thought of the highly-anticipated movie.

Check out the reactions below:

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2 weeks ago
This movie was so bad, either the people on Twitter are shills, or devoid of any taste and logic