Ridley Scott FIRES BACK at Gucci family's criticism; REVEALS filming date for THIS movie

Updated on Nov 23, 2021 04:46 PM IST  |  112.7K
Ridley Scott FIRES BACK
Ridley Scott's next project is the epic Napoleon drama Kitbag


The filmmaker of "House of Gucci" seems unmoved by the film's real-life subject's criticism. Ridley Scott responded to Patrizia Reggiani's remarks on the film, which depicts the narrative of how she hired a hitman to murder her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci, in an interview with BBC's "Today."

As per Deadline, Reggiani accused the director earlier this year of "stealing the identity of a family in order to make a profit and increase the income of the Hollywood system."However, talking to “Today”, Scott hit back at her comments and said, “It was about murder. They forget: He was murdered. One of the brothers went to jail for tax evasion. So don’t talk to me about making a profit. Are you kidding? When you do that you tend to become public domain.”

Meanwhile, in the brief but comprehensive interview, Scott slammed the choice to utilise live guns on the set of Rust, which resulted in the unintentional death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Scott said that he would never use live ammo on his sets, preferring to utilise firearms with a solid barrel rather than hollow ones. “I don’t know what a real gun or ammunition was doing on the set,” he added as per Deadline. “Someone should get in trouble for that.”

Interestingly, Scott's next project is the epic Napoleon drama Kitbag, which he disclosed to the BBC would begin production on January 15. He called the Apple Studios picture, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Jodie Comer as Napoleon and his wife Josephine, a "monster." On the Alien and Bladerunner TV properties, he said that pilots for each have been written and are being proposed as eight-to-10 episode series.

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