Riverdale Season 4 Trailer: Archie Andrews breaks down as the show says goodbye to Fred Andrews aka Luke Perry

A new trailer of Riverdale Season 4 released during the New York Comic-Con 2019 and features Archie Andrews finding out about and grieving his father, Fred Andrews' death. Check out the trailer below.
Luke Perry gets a befitting tribute in the latest trailer of Riverdale Season 4.Luke Perry gets a befitting tribute in the latest trailer of Riverdale Season 4.
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It's time to get wicked with the teens of Riverdale as the season 4 will commence from this week. Whether you love it or hate it, many of us can admit that Riverdale is a guilty pleasure for us! This time, we're welcomed to senior year where the four best friends - Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper - are embroiled in crazier adventures that include Jughead going MIA as the entire town of Riverdale goes on a manhunt to search for him. A brand new trailer of Riverdale Season 4 was unveiled at the New York Comic-Con 2019 and features more mysteries to be solved.

First things first, get ready for the fireworks as Riverdale pays an on-screen tribute to late actor Luke Perry, who fans know and love as Fred Andrews. In the opening sequence, as the awesome foursome plan to go camping while drinking milkshakes at Pops, Archie gets the phone call about his dad's death and we're shown a sneak-peek of the funeral service. It's KJ Apa's breaking down, that blurs the lines between fiction and reality. Furthermore, we also see Veronica on the pursuit to know about all of her father, Hiram Lodge's past crimes while Betty has a new target to fuss over - her mother Alice Cooper and FP Jones' love child, Charles. On the other hand, we have Jughead almost beating someone up! Let's not forget about our other favourite redhead Cheryl Blossom, who tries to speak to her dead brother but could actually be communicating with someone else entirely different!

And don't worry! There are tons of sexy times that Riverdale is trademarked for, courtesy of our favourite OTPs including Bughead, Varchie and Choni. The parents get their fair share too as Hiram and Hermoine Lodge, as well as Alice and FP, leave a little to the imagination.

Watch the trailer below:

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Riverdale Season 4 premieres from October 9, 2019.

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