Riverdale Season 4 Trailer features Bughead's steamiest love scene and Jughead buried in a coffin; WATCH VIDEO

Updated on Sep 13, 2019 03:08 AM IST  |  11.1M
Riverdale Season 4 will premiere on October 4, 2019.
Riverdale Season 4 will premiere on October 4, 2019.

"To senior year and all of its glories," Veronica Lodge raises a toast with boyfriend Archie Andrews, best friend Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones in the one-minute trailer of Riverdale Season 4. Oh, did we mention the fact that Jughead just happens to be trapped inside a coffin as well? But who put him there? And what led to the entire town of Riverdale looking for the hamburger-eating, crime-solving teenager? All these questions and more will be answered when we are welcomed to senior year in Riverdale Season 4.

We finally get a first look at the upcoming season, which will heavily focus on Jones' mysterious disappearance. The trailer which released today gave us more insight on what to expect when Riverdale returns with a plot that could probably even rival the complicated spookiness that was Griffins & Gargoyles in season 3. However, one thing's for sure, Riverdale is still amping up on the steaminess factor. Besides Archie-Veronica and Cheryl-Toni, we will also get to see what looks like the steamiest Bughead sex scene! We're just glad all our OTPs are still going strong!

Check out the trailer of Riverdale Season 4 below:

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Meanwhile, the first episode of Riverdale Season 4 will be a tribute episode to Luke Perry, who passed away in March 2019. Joining the cast as a guest will be Luke's close friend and Beverly Hills 90210 co-star, Shannen Doherty.

Riverdale Season 4 will premiere on October 4, 2019.

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