Robert Downey Jr Rewind: When the Avengers: Endgame star stormed out of an interview when asked about his past

In a 2015 interview with Channel 4 News journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Robert Downey Jr. was left extremely uncomfortable when he was asked about his controversial past instead of questions on Avengers: Age of Ultron. The 55-year-old actor promptly walked out. Watch RDJ's awkward interview below.
Robert Downey Jr. was asked about his controversial past which included his drug abuse, jail time and fractured equation with his dad, Robert Downey Sr.
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Robert Downey Jr. is amongst the most celebrated Hollywood stars in the current generation thanks to his 2008 turn with Iron Man. While professionally, RDJ is on an all-together high, even his family life is balanced thanks to wife Susan Downey and their wonderful children. However, before working hard towards his happily ever after, Robert has had a lot of demons to deal with in his controversial past and that includes his drug abuse, jail time and fractured equation with his father, Robert Downey Sr.

During a 2015 interview with British journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy for Channel News 4, Downey was of the opinion that the questions asked would strictly be about Avengers: Age of Ultron. While the initial questions leaned towards the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) film, it quickly got awkward when Krishnan started digging into the 55-year-old actor's dark past. When the journalist asked Robert about his quote to New York Times after his incarceration - "You can't go from a USD 2000 a night hotel suite to a penitentiary, understand it and come out a liberal" - Downey sportingly replied, "I couldn't even tell you what a liberal so therein lies the answer to your question."

Pushing his luck further, Guru-Murthy asked if Robert is no longer a liberal post coming out of prison, to which an uncomfortable RDJ quipped, "Are we promoting a movie?," and added, "I'm certainly not going to back-pedal on anything that I have said but I wouldn't say I'm a Republican, a Liberal or a Democrat... that's the nice thing, you can have opinions and they kind of change and flow."

Krishnan hit the bull's eye when he stated that he wants to talk more about Robert at the moment to which Downey retorted, "You have as much time as anyone else will." Then, RDJ proceeded to look at his team who tried to wrap up the interview but Guru-Murthy interjected saying they still have a few minutes to go. Quick on his wit, Robert stated, "Your foot is starting to jump a little bit. You better get to your next question."

Krishnan mentioned Downey's dark past and asked if he is now free of the drugs, drinking and equation with his father. "What are we doing?," RDJ retorted and proceeded to walk out of the interview. When Guru-Murthy tried to apologise, Robert patted him hard on the back and stated, "You seem okay. It's getting a bit Diane Sawyer and you're kind of a schmuck."

Watch Robert Downey Jr's cringe-worthy interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy for Channel News 4 below:

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A week later, while speaking to Howard Stern, RDJ shared his honest thoughts on the awkward interview with Guru-Murthy. "I just wish I’d left sooner. I’m one of those guys who I’m always assuming the social, kind of, decorum is in play. And that we’re promoting a superhero movie, a lot of kids are going to see it, and this has nothing to do with your creepy, dark agenda that I’m feeling all of a sudden, like, ashamed and obligated to accommodate your weirdo shit," Robert shared.

"I'm a 50-year-old guy … and I'm completely unevolved when it comes to simple boundaries. [I thought,] 'You know what? You're weirding me out. You're a bottom-feeding muckraker," Downey added to Howard.

In his defense, Krishnan wrote a piece on The Guardian and clarified, "When Robert Downey Jr.’s PR man rang up asking what we wanted to talk about, we said we had no particular agenda but would ask about the new Avengers superhero movie and his recovery from jail and drug abuse to Hollywood stardom."

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This isn't the first time that Guru-Murthy has butted heads with a celebrity. During a 2013 interview with Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained, Krishnan asked the filmmaker his opinion on the co-relation between people enjoying movie violence and real-life violence. To this, Quentin stated, "I refuse your question. I’m not your slave and you’re not my master. You can’t make me dance to your tune. I’m not a monkey," and added, "I’m here to sell my movie. This is a commercial for the movie. Make no mistake." Tarantino further quipped, "I’m shutting your butt down!"

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i'm a (former) addict myself and I don't feel comfortable at all talking about my addiction to strangers or other people i'm not close to.

people need to understand that addicts are not immoral people, they just aren't in control of their own behavior.

Well it looks like it was a touchy subject for him. Perhaps he didnt want to relive those memories. It is painful to remember certain past moments.

Well it looks like it was a touchy subject for him. Perhaps he didnt want to relive those memories. It is painful to remember certain past moments.

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