Royal expert blames Prince Harry for not explaining the 'not glamourous' royal life properly to Meghan Markle

Prince Philip's Century author and royal expert Robert Jobson stated that Meghan Markle should have done her "own homework" if she wanted to marry into a prestigious family like the royals.
According to Robert Jobson, Prince Harry is "not the sharpest guy." Royal expert blames Prince Harry for not explaining the 'not glamourous' royal life properly to Meghan Markle
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to step back as senior royals and live an independent life in LA still continues to linger as a major topic of discussion when it comes to the royal family. In a recent interview with Page Six, Prince Philip's Century author and royal expert Robert Jobson believes the whole Megxit debacle is mostly Harry's fault for not preparing Meghan when it comes to the royal family, the tradition-bound firm.

"It’s a combination of Harry and Meghan’s fault, mainly Harry for not explaining it to her properly. He’s not the sharpest guy, but maybe he didn’t want to explain it. It’s hard work being a member of the royal family. People think it’s not but it is. It’s not glamourous and maybe she didn’t fancy that after at all," Robert stated. Jobson also put some partly blame on The Duchess of Sussex as he felt she could have shown more curiousity towards the royal family. For Robert, it was up to Markle to do her "own homework" if she wanted to marry into a prestigious family like the royals.

According to Jobson, Meghan had "little excuse for not knowing how things worked" because the Palace assigned Samantha Cohen, a member of Queen Elizabeth's personal team, who taught Markle the "ins and outs of being a duchess." Robert believes that if Harry and Meghan had understood their place in the pecking order, come to peace with that, it would have prevented the Sussexes from striking out hopes of finding fortune in Hollywood on their own.

Jobson claimed that when Meghan saw how her and Harry's marital home Frogmore Cottage was "the little house" and that Prince William and Kate Middleton "were the number one couple," Markle probably didn't understand that and thought, 'Well we can do better than this and start commercializing the royal family,' which Robert "frankly" finds that "not acceptable."

"The British people fund the royal family, it’s our royal family, we expect them to show respect. Without the British people, the royal family doesn’t exist," Jobson added. Relaying how the royal family's existence is centered on "service and helping others," Robert pointed out that "it's not to do with helping yourself," which Jobson is afraid that's what's happened in the case of Megxit. "I blame Harry really because he knew the story but he wanted his cake and to eat it and you can’t do that," Robert concluded to Page Six.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

I'd agree. It's like the 'private wedding in the rose garden'. In the US, when celebrities come out with some piece of puffery and it turns out not to be true, the celebrity declares it 'the truth of the heart' and people just file it under 'standard publicity BS'. In the UK Meghan had just accused the Archbishop of Canterbury of commiting a crime: having signed a wedding licence for a couple legally married. She might not have known that, or that in the C of E, weddings cannot be held outdoors and there have to be witnesses other than the couple and the clergyperson present, but that Harry didn't is simply beyond belief. The same with the business about Archie not getting a title supposedly because the RF are bigots. The decision that the great-grandchildren of the King/Queen do not automatically get titles was made in 1917 -- long before any of the present RF were born. (And if the King could see into the future, you'd rather think he'd have mentioned a few events that the British might reasonably consider at least as significant as the birth of Archie -- like WWII for example.) Since Harry would know that, the logical assumption is that they thought that if they publicly put the lack of a title down to racism, the Queen would rush to make an exception for Archie just to prove that she wasn't a racist. But alas, the Queen didn't. Or the assertion that someone in the RF speculated on the baby's possible appearance. 'I won't say who'. Of course not. That way, you smear

Anonymous 2 months ago

Robert Jobson hits the target!

Anonymous 2 months ago

She just WANTED, not ready to GIVE!!!

Anonymous 2 months ago

I totally agree, Harry should have groomed Meghan before marrying her.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Right on! I support this is intuitive and would be nearer to the truth

Anonymous 2 months ago

Absolutely. Its also silly that he didnt google Harrys name . Iant that what everyone does ?