Royal expert dishes on how Princess Diana would have reacted to Prince Harry's news of publishing a memoir

Published on Aug 25, 2021 06:29 PM IST  |  60.5K
Royal expert says that Princess Diana would have supported Prince Harry’s decision of penning a memoir.

Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir has been the talk of the town, and royal family fans couldn’t help but imagine how his mother Princess Diana would have reacted to the memoir had she been alive. Royal expert Stewart Pearce, via US Weekly, has opened up on the same topic, and he thinks the doting mother Lady Di would’ve approved her son’s decision.

Earlier, the Duke of Sussex, 36, had announced that he was working on a tell-all memoir about his life, which is slated to be published by Penguin Random House the next year. He stated that the memoir wouldn’t be about a prince, but about the man, Harry has become. With the memoir, he revealed to be aiming at connecting with his audience through his ‘highs and lows,’ ‘mistakes,’ and the ‘lessons learned.’

However, as per the royal expert who has also authored the book Diana: The Voice of Change, via Us Weekly, Harry has always been like the Princess of Wales due to his ‘impetuosity.’ “He moves on instinct just as she did,” Pearce added. Hence, the mother would completely ‘support’ the publication of the book. Stewart Pearce, who knew Diana before she passed away in 1997 took to recalling her popular interviews with the likes of Martin Bashir and Andrew Morton where she took several stands for herself while revealing certain truths that were unknown to the public.

Explaining Diana’s situation, Pearce added that she was ‘gleeful’ about the statements that she made in the bombshell interviews. He recalled speaking to her before the interviews when he would ask her whether she was comfortable engaging herself in the interviews, she would reply that she ‘got to’ do it.

Meanwhile, the prince had recently revealed to be donating all the proceeds from the memoir to the Sentebale charity for helping young children in Lesotho and Botswana affected by HIV.

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