Royal Intruder: Couple trespass Queen Elizabeth's Royal Lodge where she walks her dogs & rides horses

In her free time, 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth walks her dogs and rides horses on the grounds of the Royal Lodge where she has also spent her childhood.
Couple trespass Queen Elizabeth's Royal Lodge. Royal Intruder: Couple trespass Queen Elizabeth's Royal Lodge where she walks her dogs & rides horses.
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Days after a 44-year-old woman trespassed palace grounds, another couple was found intruding Queen Elizabeth's Royal Lodge. According to a report in The Sun, a 31-year-old man and 29-year-old woman reportedly scaled the fences of the Queen's  Royal Lodge and entered the property. In her free time, the 95-year-old Queen walks her dogs and rides horses at the Royal Lodge. 

The grave security lapse led to the couple's arrest within sometime and they were reportedly released on bail. A source told The Sun, "This is an astonishing lapse. Everyone was on high alert after the first intruder, now this happens. Heads could roll. It is unforgivable." 

While the Queen was not present at the Royal Lodge during the time of the incident, her son Prince Andrew was. The source added, "The couple wandered around for ages before anyone spotted them and police were called. Andrew was at home at the time. You have to wonder what on Earth is going on up there."

The current security lapse raises concerns as recently on 25 April a 44-year-old Spanish woman, claiming to be Andrew’s fiancée, intruded the property and spent around 20 minutes before being arrested.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in Britain, Queen Elizabeth has moved to Windsor Castle from Buckingham Palace. She was last seen on 17 April when she stepped out to attend her husband Prince Philip's funeral service after he passed away on 9 April. A two-week mourning period was observed across the UK.   

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