Royal Photographer Reveals Princess Diana Was ‘Very Uneasy’ Before Posing In Front Of Pyramids Of Giza

A royal photographer claimed that Princess Diana had an unforgettable moment posing in front of the Pyramids of Giza. The photographer revealed that his father snapped Lady Diana’s picture.

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Princess Diana was no stranger to the cameras. However, the late princess had an uncomfortable moment posing in front of the Pyramids of Giza. The royal photographer, Samir Hussein, revealed that his father and brother were close to the royal family and often clicked Lady Diana’s pictures. The photographer shared that Diana was quite nervous before getting clicked against the Pyramids’ backdrop. 

Hussein claimed that his father, Anwar, made the late princess comfortable with his talks and then went on to click the now iconic pictures of 1992. 

The royal photographer shares the story behind an iconic picture of Princess Diana from 1992

Samir Hussein, the photographer, shared that Lady Diana, after her infamous Paris visit, took a trip to one of the wonders of the world. At the time of clicking pictures, Lady Diana felt “very uneasy.”

To get rid of Diana’s discomfort, Hussein revealed that his father became friendly with the former Princess of Wales. The photographer revealed, “My father got into a conversation with her, and she said she was very nervous when it came to appearing in front of big iconic landmarks.”

Samir went on to add, “She was visiting Egypt the next day and she was going to be visiting the pyramids.” Hussein recalled his father’s words to Diana as he said, “Well, you’re so natural; why don’t you just pretend you’re a model?” 


After Anwar’s words, Diana got her confidence back and posed exactly as the photographer asked her to do so. The photos of Diana in front of the Pyramids of Giza went on to become one of the iconic captures of the late princess.


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Diana’s favorite picture clicked by Anwar Hussein 

While in conversation with US Weekly, the royal photographer shared that when he dug through his father’s collection of pictures, he found a picture of Diana with a small boy; she was cradling. Upon asking, Samir got to know that the late Lady Diana was holding a boy who had cancer and was blind, too. 

Hussein revealed that the picture of Diana and the boy was one of the favorites of his father, and the Princess too. The royal photographer shared, “She’s cradling a young boy who is suffering from cancer and who’s blind. But the boy you can see is just absolutely taken by her. He’s fascinated, even though he is blind, he’s looking straight at her, and you can really see her sort of caring side in the picture really comes across.” 


Samir further claimed, “She actually said that this was her favorite picture that my father had taken just because of the connection to the child.” 

The iconic pictures of Lady Diana have been put up at the exhibition in London.


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When did Princess Diana die?
Princess Diana dies on August 31, 1997.

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