Run BTS EP 103: RM & Jimin drive Suga up the wall with funny cooking skills; Yoongi & Jimin's hug is all love

In the latest episode of Run BTS, continuing the King of Avatar Cooking game, we had MiniMoni aka RM and Jimin make us laugh out loud with their cooking skills as Suga tried to give out the recipe calmy, but ended up like a frustrated bunny instead.

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RM and Jimin hilariously mistook salt for sugar during their cooking session on Run BTS EP 103.
RM and Jimin hilariously mistook salt for sugar during their cooking session on Run BTS EP 103.

This quarantine period has not been the easiest to deal with as there's a ton of anxiety and nervousness attached to being confined to your homes for months. However, BTS has been keeping ARMY company by providing new content every week to obsess over! The funniest of the lot has to be the Run BTS episodes which are a sure-shot entertainer and will make you laugh at a moment's notice. If you are unaware of BTS' variety show, you are missing out as the Run BTS episodes are hilarious to another extent. We see the septet play different games as they try to beat each other and will give each other up for something like ramen noodles.

In Run BTS EP 103, we see the continuation of the King of Avatar Cooking game as it's RM and Jimin's turn to take over the cooking duties with Suga shouting out the recipe at them. Last week, Jungkook and V did a great job under the guidance of Jin. While Namjoon and ChimChim were off to a great start and looked like they were working as a cohesive team, things soon took a funny turn and led to great disasters! In their attempt to make kimchi pancake and kimchi stew, RM and Jimin displayed as to why they aren't the best when it comes to cooking.

Speaking on Namjoon, the God of Destruction had everyone laughing when he put the garlic paste in the pancake batter instead of the stew, which had the Run BTS producers add the K-drama ending effect with Baby Mochi's clueless look making the moment even more hilarious. Moreover, the Intro: Persona rapper kept dropping spoons all around, with ChimChim following suit, and got into petty arguments with Jimin. However, after J-Hope's warning about teamwork, MiniMoni quickly solved their issues with hugs which left the rest of the bandmates in splits. But, that's not all! RM couldn't understand words like chicken broth and mistook Suga saying kimchi for chicken.

When it comes to ChimChim, the Lie singer made a hilarious age-old cooking mistake of the salt/sugar mix up and ended up putting way to much salt that ruined the stew. Yoongi, who is usually a calm baby was seen getting flustered by the second, like a frustrated bunny as Hobi noted that the Interlude: Shadow rapper had become red on the cheeks and started massaging his shoulders.

Check out the best moments from Run BTS EP 103 below:

Deciding to step in, Suga ran to the kitchen and started showing just how polished his cooking skills are as ARMY was left baffled with how he cut onions like a pro that had all the members appreciating him as well. RM and Jimin tried to salvage the stew as much as possible by adding more salt and water and gave up stating that they would just let the stew boil to make it taste better. Moreover, when it came to the pancake, it ended up looking like a rice cake instead.


Plating was also very important when it came to giving out marks and as the last act of earning brownie points, Jimin found the beloved squirrel bowl, which was made famous by Taehyung in Run BTS EP 20, and used it to pour the stew and covered it with a glass enclosing to give it the 'sauna' effect. Moreover, ChimChim put the pancake on top of several spring onions to give it the nature effect that had everyone laughing again.

When J-Hope and Suga entered, Yoongi immediately started complaining about how ChimChim did not taste the salt like he had instructed before with Baby Mochi quipping that they decided not to get angry at each other. Suga retorted that if they were in his place, they too would have gone mental. The highlight of Run BTS EP 103, which had YoonMin fans screaming with joy, is when Jimin ran to give Yoongi a big hug to calm him down. Moreover, the best line of the episode came when Yoongi exclaimed at Namjoon and ChimChim, "If Gordon Ramsay was here, he would slap you in the face."

J-Hope facial expressions while eating the pancake and stew said it all and eventually, as expected, Team Kim Seok Eegin defeated Team Kim Seokjin as Hobi gave out the results. However, it was quite close and not a very large margin as one would have imagined.

Cooking with BTS always result in hilarious sequences and unexpected outcomes that never fail to make us laugh out loud!


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Which was your favourite moment from Run BTS EP 103? Let us know your picks in the comments section below.

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