Run BTS EP 104 Recap: From Jimin and Jungkook's cute moment to V's staring game; Best Moments we loved

This week's Run BTS had ARMY laughing out loud, as per usual, with Jimin behind his adorable whiny self during games while Jungkook got a lot of love from the staff. Read below for all the updates from yesterday's episode.

Updated on Jun 17, 2020 05:14 PM IST  |  15.9M
In the latest episode of Run BTS, the Bangtan Boys made DIY clothes for a photoshoot.
In the latest episode of Run BTS, the Bangtan Boys made DIY clothes for a photoshoot.
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Now that Break The Silence, FESTA 2020 and Bang Bang Con: The Live are over, you would think that there'd be a break in BTS content, untill the release of their fourth Japanese album, Map of the Soul: The Journey, in July. However, ARMY were treated yet again as Run BTS EP 104 dropped yesterday and we're still laughing at what transpired during the hilarious episode. With this week's theme being Photo Exhibition, the Bangtan Boys had to pick out clothes which they may have worn in the past (Yes, RM's pink shirt makes a reappearance!), add their DIY magic to it and then wear them for a photoshoot.

To decide the order of who would get to pick the clothes from first to last, the septet played a fun game of musical pillows, where the number of pillows to sit on would keep decreasing once the music stops. While one would assume someone from the maknae line to win, we were pleasantly surprised by the final three. The cutest moment during the game came when Jimin was the second one to get out and literally sat on Jungkook's lap giving us yet another Jikook cuddling moment.

Kookie's competitive side came blazing through as Jin screamed out loud when colliding with the youngest member while Suga was scared to even stand next to him with the prospect of being blown away. All this happened while their constant motto for the game was not to get hurt and V obviously didn't get the memo as the first one out and even thrown across the room.

The Top 3 turned out to be J-Hope, Jin and Yoongi, who were instructed by Taehyung to dance at every turn and their RM dance version was way too funny while Jimin was in charge of blowing the whistle for the music to stop. It was Suga who reigned supreme and got the first chance to pick out clothes. It was Jin's selection, however, which included red and yellow glittery pants and floral swimsuit shorts that had the Bangtan boys worried as to who would wear Jin's 'amazing' creation. On the other hand, the members also revealed to ARMY that Namjoon was a professional when it to came second-hand shopping.

Eventually, the time came to choose ornaments and accessories for their clothes and who would get what was decided over a game of darts. Jimin's whiny side came in full flow during this game as he ended up getting just one thing while TaeTae too, who is ChimChim's eternal soulmate, also got just one thing. In order to get a few more things, V and Jungkook played the capital game with the staff. To note, the staff is obviously in adoration of the maknae line as the questions asked to the duo were, what is the capital of Monaco and Korea? BTS fans are aware of both questions being asked previously.

The time finally came for the boys to start the DIY process on their clothes and it was indeed funny to see Jin coming up with those combo pants that had all the boys losing their minds. Hobi added his own own hope twist to his clothes and we couldn't stop cooing over his creation. Jimin's struggles with his blazer was again too cute to handle as ChimChim's playful antics can't ever be ignored. ARMY was also in awe of Kookie, who was mostly quiet and added a pocket patchwork to one outfit from another. Moreover, one couldn't get over V's handsomeness when he played the staring game, looked at the camera for 30 seconds and made us go weak in the knees.

Check out how ARMY reacted to Run BTS EP 104 below:

What did you think of Run BTS EP 104? Which was your favourite moment? Let us know your pick in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, we also got a preview for next week's episode as the boys would have completed their outfits by then and we will get to know, which member will wear which member's outfit. To be completely honest, we're extremely curious to know who would be the lucky one to get Jin's masterful DIY outfit. It would be supremely hilarious if it ended up being the eldest member only who would have to wear those pants for a photoshoot.

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