Run BTS Ep 105 Recap: BTS' Suga shows off rare 'cute' avatar; Jungkook pulls off Jin's 'princely' creation

Continuing the shenanigans of the previous episode is BTS, who finally completed making their DIY clothes and also chose which member would wear whose creation in Run BTS Ep 105. Read the full recap below.

Updated on Jun 24, 2020 06:18 PM IST  |  12.1M
Run BTS Ep 105 saw the BTS members praying to not have to wear Jin's 'princely' creation.
Run BTS Ep 105 saw the BTS members praying to not have to wear Jin's 'princely' creation.
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BTS is one of the busiest musical acts in the world as they have been churning out content for ARMY left, right and center. Besides gearing up for the release of their fourth Japanese album, Map of the Soul: The Journey, the septet is simultaneously working on their next album as well. Moreover, within the past few weeks, we were treated with their emotional docuseries, Break The Silence, FESTA 2020 for their seventh anniversary celebrations and Bang Bang Con: The Live.

However, the best thing that BTS is gifting ARMY has to be more Run BTS episodes as we get to see the members at their jovial best playing games and enjoying some downtime away from their rigorous schedules. In last week's Run BTS episode, we saw the members turn fashion designers as the theme was Photo Exhibition. Continuing on with their DIY projects, we are welcomed into Run BTS Ep 105, where the boys are seen hard at work. One couldn't get over how hardworking Jungkook was as he stayed silent for almost the entire duration of creating his attire.

On the other hand, Jimin was up to his usual antics as he kept failing at the challenges to procure more items. What was even cuter was how he kept running to V to help him spray paint his clothes in an elegant manner. RM and J-Hope, on the other hand, were seen struggling with the spray paint. Let's not forget Jin, whose masterpiece was apparently not yet complete. The eldest member of BTS decided to win a pair of angel wings and a feather hat to add to his attire, which had Suga and the rest of the members facepalming and sweating over who would be the one to wear Jin's DIY outfit.

Finally, the time was up and the members now had to draw chits to decide which member would wear which member's attire. Everyone was just hoping that they wouldn't pick Jin, while Mr. Worldwide Handsome quipped to not make fun of his outfit. Suga ended up picking himself while Jin got Jungkook. J-Hope was the lucky one, who got to wear Jungkook's creative attire as the members even admired Kookie's fashionable efforts. Jimin and V proved yet again why they are soulmates as they picked each other's names. The final two were RM and Jungkook as Namjoon ended up with his own name. That left us with Jungkook, who would have to wear Jin's outfit as the latter kept yelling that it's not a punishment. Kookie's blank face reaction was too funny to not laugh at.

Finally, the time came for the solo photoshoot, before which the members got dressed in their attires and entered the room as if it were their runway. The Golden Maknae somehow pulled off Jin's 'princely' creation and had the members bowing to him.

First up, we had Suga's photoshoot with Jin as the photographer and Yoongi's rare 'cute' side came flowing through. The Run BTS staff added the blushing cheeks filter on the rapper that made him all the more adorable. We then had Jin, who had to show off his butterfly avatar and jumped high in the air as Hobi kept clicking perfect pictures of him. Then, we had J-Hope getting his pictures clicked by Jimin, who had some fun of his own with the rapper's happy expressions. Next, it was time for ChimChim to show his lonely side with TaeTae as his photographer and RM catering to the latter's needs. Jimin preferred the shots in which his face wasn't showing while the members stated that his face had to be shown otherwise it would be difficult to figure out if it's Baby Mochi or Kookie in the snap.

Check out how ARMY reacted to Run BTS Ep 105 below:

What did you think of Run BTS EP 105? Which was your favourite moment? Let us know your pick in the comments section below.

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In Run BTS Ep 106 teaser, we will be seeing the rest of the members having their solo shoots with Taehyung probably stealing the limelight with his king like avatar. On the other hand, we will also get sub-units photoshoot with RM and Suga's Respect duo, Jimin and V's Friends duo and Jin, J-Hope and Jungkook's Jamais Vu trio. There's also a photoshoot with the septet together while the members will attend a gallery with the best pictures from said photoshoot selected.

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