Run BTS Ep 106: V oozes GoT vibes, BTS deems themselves as Avengers and ARMY delivers EPIC Jin's photoshop pic

In the new episode of Run BTS aka Run BTS Ep 106, members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook packed in the laughs with their dramatic photoshoots.
Run BTS Ep 106: V oozes GoT vibes, BTS deems themselves as Avengers and ARMY delivers EPIC Jin's photoshop picRun BTS Ep 106: V oozes GoT vibes, BTS deems themselves as Avengers and ARMY delivers EPIC Jin's photoshop pic
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Trust BTS to pack in the much-needed laughs in the middle of the week. The new episode of Run BTS! -- Run BTS Episode 106 - was the continuation of the previous episode. Last week, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook were seen coming together dressed in their best and shoot a few photos. While a few members were seen captured last week, the new episode saw RM turn photographer for Kim Taehyung to capture a few more stunning shots. 

In one of those shots, Taehyung not only oozed of the regal vibe with the red crown and his cape but the members also helped him channel the werewolf in one of the shots. The Sweet Night crooner's photoshoot left everyone amazed, including RM himself, with his expressive eyes and handsome face. Soon, RM turned into Jungkook's muse and did a fun photoshoot in the balcony of the venue. The singer channelled his happy vibes into the photo and left JK with minimal work behind the camera. RM also flexed in one of the photos to flaunt his toned arms. 

Soon, Jungkook turned into Suga's muse and boy, what a vision it was! The singer, with his adorable butterfly wings and his feathered headgear, reminded the band of Peter Pan. Suga, like a professional photographer, hyped JK during the shoot which left Hobi in splits. Yoongi confessed he was finding it a tad difficult to capture the whole essence of the singer's look due to the feather. However, Suga successfully captured an epic picture of the singer. 

As the team sat through to pick the best of the lot, Jimin decided to turn into JK's muse and ended up delivering two epic poses -- one of which was inspired by Taehyung's werewolf theme. Soon, the band divided into three units for the second round of shoots. Taheyung and ChimChim came together and posed as though they were shooting for a horror movie's poster. They covered each other's mouths and hide under TaeTae's cape as the camera got busy. Honestly, John Krasinski could take some inspiration from this shoot for the poster of A Quiet Place 2. 

Meanwhile, RM and Suga teamed up for a luxurious photoshoot. Looking like they were headed to spend everything in their wallets, they posed with Won bills as the camera worked its magic with them. They truly looked like they were heading to a casino in Vegas. On the other hand, Seokjin, Kookie and Hobi teamed up for a "melancholy" shoot where Jin impressed everyone with his acting. 

Members couldn't stop gushing about his expressions and confessed the Moon singer is the finest in the band. Big Hit, just give him a K-drama already! Moving on, the gang then came together for a fun shoot which was directed partially by Taehyung. He guided the members to look up and down as the camera person snapped the band. They posed keeping "The Last Match" song in mind and it was as epic as it could get. 

Following the shoot, members came together to title their masterpiece and rate the pictures. V titled Jimin's solo as "Be With You" before he suggested an alternative, On Ma Way to Be With You. RM couldn't stop gushing about Taehyung's solo when he titled it The Red King. "The outfit, the carpet patterns and crown all match," Namjoon declared as he looked at the photo. One of the band members chipped in to say, "He sounds like he could be on Game of Thrones." 

Yoongi's solo looked like a "cute brat", in Yoongi's words, when it was declared that Suga's photo will be called "Yoongi You can stay here" emphasizing that his pose reminds everyone of the tantrums a child throws at a mall. Jungkook's "Boy With Luv" solo left everyone gushing with Suga cannot stop admiring his own creation. Members gushed that JK looks like a fairy who loves helping people and beating bad people. 

Jimin titled J-Hope's solo as "What Do You Kids Know About Life" for his pose looked like he was resting after a long tiring day. RM's freedom themed solo was titled "Heading for the Goal" for the BTS leader's face looked like he was falling backward after he hit the ball aiming at the goal post during a game of football. When the Bangtan Boys reached Jin's photo, they couldn't stop gushing about it and eventually reached out to the ARMY and asked them to photoshop the singer's photo. 

When BTS asks, the ARMY delivers! Several fans made their own edits of the singer's photo and flooded the internet. Check out a few below: 

The members finally reached the team photo and they loved it to every bit. They first felt that the picture looks like a team of players surrounding Coach Min. However, eventually, Suga compared the picture with the Avengers. "Let's call it The BTS-Vengers," the members declared before "The A-BTS-vengers" was suggested. The video edited V as Captain America, holding the shield, Mochi as Thor, Yoongi as Nick Fury and Jin's hand was photoshopped into Hulk's fist. 

The members rated each picture and as a result, Jungkook's Peter Pan resembling picture was selected as the best. As an award to the photographer - Suga - the Run BTS team presented a photo frame of Jimin's picture which was then titled The New Actor. 

What was your favourite part of the episode? Let us know in the comments below. 

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BTS is the best!!!

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