Run BTS Ep 108: Jungkook & V flaunt their competitive gaming side as BTS members hilariously betray each other

During Run BTS Ep 108, V and Jin beating Jungkook and winning a round each of Gang Beasts had the BTS members overdramatically reacting as if they had won a Daesang. Read below to get a full recap of the hilarious episode.

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BTS members made it their mission to target Jungkook in Run BTS' Ep 108.
BTS members made it their mission to target Jungkook in Run BTS' Ep 108.

If you're feeling blue and are a part of ARMY, BTS has you covered! With their own version of a variety show, Run BTS sees the competitive nature of the septet and as strong as their bond is, they wouldn't think twice before betraying each other for packets of ramen noodles. In the recent few episodes, the members have made it their mission to gang up on Jungkook, who truly shows us why he's The Golden Maknae as he excels at anything he lays his hands on; whether it be gaming or even being a fashion designer.

Run BTS Ep 108 kickstarts where Ep 107 left us with the theme being BTS Game Scout. While the prior episode saw the boys playing Catchmind (RM won!) and Kart Rider (Jungkook won!), this time, the septet plays Tales Runner and Gang Beasts. Let's get into Tales Runner first. J-Hope couldn't stop laughing over Namjoon's Bigbo character as Hobi felt it was reminiscent of how his '94 line member looked in his high school days and even the Run BTS staff had to agree with the Chicken Noodle Soup rapper.

Just like in Kart Rider, Kookie was ahead of the lot, but he got tough competition from V. While the rest of the members had their mission set on not being in the last rank, it was ultimately Jungkook vs. Taehyung. Moreover, Jimin's character running sideways left Suga in splits while Jin got furious over his character getting tired every now and then, especially when he was in the lead. One couldn't help but feel bad (but also laugh) over how the Bangtan leader tried his hardest to reach the first rank but failed spectacularly owing to his clumsy side. It was indeed a fun game for the members to play as we couldn't stop giggling over how inexperienced everyone was except for Kookie and TaeTae.

But now, let's get to the best part; Gang Beasts! For the unversed, the game features eccentric characters who have to kill each other and the one who survives, in the end, wins the round. In the practice rounds, we saw the members getting a feel of the game but we also sensed that betrayal was on its way for all of them. Just when you think an alliance was being formed; BAM, one was literally pushed off to the corner! For example, it seemed like V and J-Hope were aligning to defeat Jin, who had tricked everyone and hid in a corner. However, Taehyung ultimately betrayed Hobi but both of them ended up falling down, which helped Jin survive and win.

When it comes to the actual rounds, it was absolute mayhem, to say the least. While the first round was won by Jungkook after defeating Yoongi's grandpa character with the matching hat, it was the next two rounds that got BTS to react overdramatically, as if they had just won a Daesang. One of the rounds which took place at a subway station saw Suga using Jin's tactic of hiding under the stairs but being caught by ChimChim while Seokjin was caught by J-Hope. RM proceeded to accidentally throw himself off the platform and die while the last two left were Kookie and TaeTae. The intense fight, which felt like a movie, saw V triumphant as he chucked JK into a moving train and won. The raucous reaction by BTS was too funny to not rewatch!  Jimin even got up from his seat to give hi '95 line member a high-five.


On the other hand, another round that took place in a round bridge saw everyone scheming to attack Jungkook but the members started to betray each other at the get-go. Inevitably, it was Jin vs. Jungkook with the eldest finally being able to throw the maknae off the bridge that got another elated reaction from the rest of the members while Kookie laughed along with them. At this point, Kookie must already be used to the other members teaming up on him.

Finally, the last round took place between two elevators with Jin, Jungkook and V in contention to win the whole game. Namjoon and ChimChim tried to outdo the other and both ended up falling and losing in the process. The final two were V and Suga and as much as Yoongi tried his best, ultimately Taehyung was declared the winner.

An underlying highlight of Run BTS Ep 108 was the subtle actions taking place during the game like when V helped Jungkook climb back to the platform while J-Hope was left to die and Kookie slapping ChimChim before he was thrown off of the elevator by the latter. There's also the fact that while the rest of the member chose good-looking bulked up characters, TaeTae chose a character with a cow costume.

However, given that Jungkook had won two games in total, he won the 500,000 won worth of gift certificate. Suga tried to convince the youngest BTS member to buy some books referring to himself as Kookie's dad.

Check out how ARMY Check out how ARMY reacted to Run BTS Ep 108 below:


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