Run BTS Ep 110: Jin's insane flexibility to Jungkook's drawing skills; Best Moments from BTS' treasure hunt

In the latest Run BTS episode, BTS took part in a treasure hunt as a collective and in order to get some clues, had to play some classic games. Check out the hilarity that ensued in our detailed recap below.
In Run BTS Ep 110, the BTS members had to work together to find clues for a treasure box.In Run BTS Ep 110, the BTS members had to work together to find clues for a treasure box.

If you're a member of ARMY then you eagerly wait every Tuesday for a new episode of Run BTS to hop on the laughter-filled roller coaster ride for at least 30+ minutes. Even if we're in the sourest of moods, BTS members know how to turn that frown upside down with their playfully hilarious antics that make us laugh until we're in literal tears. We see these fine men become children as they show off their competitive side when pitted against each other. And, we wouldn't have it any other way!

In Run BTS Ep 110, we see the boys in a car showroom all ready to play treasure hunt as a collective. However, in order for them to get the clues, the septet had to play some games. Firstly, the Nonsense game was posed at them and as one would expect, it's Jin who aces most of the rounds while the rest of the members laugh at him. Even Jimin is able to crack one by himself! At one point, Seokjin refuses to give the hint to RM and Jimin only to realise that there were seven maps to be distributed amongst the septet. This led to Namjoon and ChimChim berating him.

After answering an obvious question during a quiz round, the clue given to them was that it costs hundreds of millions which in turn gave us a big Namjin bromance moment. RM quipped that he knows something that costs hundreds of millions and that's Jin's worldwide handsome face that got the most 'uwu' reaction out of the latter. A question posed at BTS was who was the first man to make an electric motor vehicle and we got to see Bangtan's sexy brain trying to decipher the correct answer which is Robert Anderson and come out successfully.

Besides Jungkook's adorable Optimus Prime impersonation, we had the boys playing a round of Blowing Tissues, where all the members combined, had to keep the tissue high in the air for a minute. While most of the members spectacularly failed, Suga was amongst the saving grace along with Kookie, who proved yet again that he can pretty much excel at anything. "He can blow tissue well too! Life is unfair," RM quipped as The Golden Maknae's record was an impressive 15.96 seconds. Yoongi's glee as he realised that he was the second-best after Jungkook in the game was infectious.

Then, BTS played a round of Seventh Game Magic Carpet where they had to show their strategic sides but because there were too many members they opted for three - Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin - and thankfully they were able to win the round. As OT7, the members even considered piggybacking on the other before giving up. Inevitably, V's advice on how to flip the carpet helped the trio.

The next game was Guess My Drawing where the members had to draw the word given to them on a notepad which would be on top of their head. While Suga and Jimin's interpretation skills came flowing through to guess J-Hope's lion, Yoongi's drawing of a sugar glider and ChimChim's rhinoceros stumped the members. Jin's telepathic gestures at RM and Hobi to guess sloth was too hilarious while Jungkook and V followed their eldest hyung's route to manipulate the members to give the correct answers. Moreover, Namjoon and Kookie's drawings of a koala and scissors showed off their drawing skills. Let's not forget Suga who kept guessing the wrong word in the most adorable way. We also got to see Jimin and Jungkook showing off their harmonisation skills.

Jin's flexibility came in handy for the next game of Show Me Your Strength where he lied down on the floor and stood up without using his hands and just his leg power. BTS and ARMY collectively gasped by the eldest member of the septet as he showed off his ridiculous strength.

After obtaining enough clues, the members embarked on the treasure hunt to find car keys of cars inside which there were certain boxes. We see the members scattered around using the hints and pretty easily, finding the keys while also give us cute moments like Jin and V giving the same pose as they looked below the car along with the former seeing J-Hope's face and communicating with him from the floor. Moreover, we got to see Namjoon showing of his brainy skills by linking the passcodes to BTS and ARMY. While the members unlocked several cars, the Run BTS staff revealed to them that they hadn't yet found THE car with the hidden treasure.

Check out how ARMY reacted to Run BTS Ep 110 below:

We adore these boys and how!

What was your favourite moment from Run BTS Ep 110? Let us know your pick in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, Run BTS Ep 11's preview shows how after completing the first round, the members will be playing individually in the second round. Let BTS' competitive sides come blazing through.

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

jin's telepathy with members was hilarious.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Namjin Taekook Sope vibes dominated this episode and you can't tell me otherwise.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I love jin :))))

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Srsly jin is genius .strong , flexible and just too perfect. The ep was too funny.

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