Run BTS Ep 140: BTS' hilarious outburst as V fails to recognise Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man is UNMISSABLE

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BTS member Jungkook, who is a big Iron Man fan, couldn't get over V not being able to guess Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man's face.

Run BTS is the popular South Korean boy group BTS' weekly variety show where we see the members - RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook - competing in different games while showing off their quirky personalities. The Bangtan Boys, who are millionaires, will goofily look at packets of ramen noodles as the 'ultimate' prize to be won during the hilarious Run BTS episodes.

Run BTS Ep 140, which came out this week, saw BTS collaborate with the popular variety show The Game Caterers as PD Na Young Seok joined the boys during their spring 'MT' outing. During the fan-favourite game Figure Quiz (The members had to identify faces of well-known public personalities on the en route mode. If any member guessed incorrectly, one food or beverage item from the various yummy delicacies provided would be taken away from them), we saw Jimin and Jin hilariously fail during several attempts.

However, it was V's inability to guess a popular Hollywood actor that left the members in complete anguish. When PD Na showed Robert Downey Jr.'s photo, Kim Taehyung quipped, "Who's this?," with his thinking face on. As expected, the members sans Suga and J-Hope got off their feet in complete outburst mood, hilariously yelling at TaeTae for not being able to guess RDJ's face. While RM screamed, "Robert!," Jin bellowed, "Iron Man!" Speaking of Iron Man, ARMY is already aware that Jungkook is a big enthusiast of the cherished Marvel superhero and hence the fandom was left endeared by Kookie's reaction as he jumped up and down in frustration at his V hyung.

"The highest guarantee in Hollywood," Namjoon bellowed about the beloved Avengers: Endgame star. A puzzled Hobi couldn't even complete his sentence as he stated, "Children all over the world... Dreams and hopes..." On the other hand, Yoongi joked, "You don't know? Marvel fans are going crazy right now." V Live even cutely translated the text present on the screen as "V! Apologise to him 3000," which is an obvious reference to Tony Stark and Morgan Stark's (Lexi Rabe) iconic "Love you 3000" dialogue.

Jimin, who was unable to guess footballer Son Heung Min's name earlier and was jokingly called out for it couldn't help but poke fun at his '95 line best friend as he quipped that Taehyung not being able to guess Downey's name was "also a tragedy," leaving J-Hope in splits. Joonie further complained, "How come an artist doesn't know RDJ?" As V cutely repented, the members gave up the sauce set for the pork meat, which they also didn't win as you watch later on in the episode. BTS lost two more rounds and hence couldn't procure either the tantalising pork meat or their much-adored ramen. However, they were given rice and kimchi, along with Baby Mochi's much-loved mushrooms, as a consolation lunch menu and later even won an impromptu Figure Quiz challenge - Suga correctly guessed Bart Simpson- to get three pieces of pork meat. Moreover, ChimChim and TaeTae also had an adorable bickering session as Jimin quipped he's not sure where Taehyung can live now because he wasn't able to guess Robert's face. While V joked he's staying in Korea and that Jimin will have to leave Korea for not guessing Heung Min's face, Yoongi quipped, "You two need to book your flight tickets." The Bangtan leader further acknowledged Jin for correctly guessing golfer Park Se Ri's name as it was a hard question given that it was an old photo.

Watch BTS members' hilarious outburst, especially Jungkook's cute reaction, because of V not being able to guess Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man's face on Run BTS Ep 140 below:

It's okay, V! We still love you 3000!

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Meanwhile, Run BTS Ep 141 aka Run BTS x The Game Caterers' collaboration Part 2 will drop on May 11.


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