Run BTS Ep 141: RM aka Namjoon leaves members impressed with Avengers: Endgame answer; Imitates Doctor Strange

Updated on May 13, 2021 03:18 PM IST  |  795.2K
BTS' RM proved he was the ultimate Marvel fanboy during Run BTS Ep 141
BTS' RM was able to correctly guess Avengers: Endgame OST tune during Run BTS Ep 141.

Run BTS Ep 141 was a continuation of the collaboration between BTS and PD Na Young Seok's popular variety show The Game Caterers. The septet played Music Quiz where they had to guess the tune played or the clue given; it could be iconic movies and K-dramas OST or children's songs. After correctly guessing Sky Castle's superhit OST We All Lie by Ha Jin, a confident RM picked the 10-point question in the movies category.

The clue given was 'a group mission' following which a familiar tune was played. As the members had earlier revealed their limitations, which hilariously became their solo team names, Suga yelled 'I am physically weak and I easily lose concentration' before confidently answering Star Wars. Young Seok's trademark 'Wrong' left Yoongi baffled while Jimin burst out laughing, wiggling cutely and quipping, "I'm so happy!" ARMY is well aware of YoonMin's adorable bickering moments and another classic one was added to the Bangtan history books. While Suga was still in shock, Kim Namjoon took a lucky guess as he called out his team name 'I'm immature' and answered Avengers: Endgame.

PD Na yelled "Correct!" as all the members were left mighty impressed, especially Jin, who said, "Wow. Awesome." Jungkook couldn't get over the fact that he didn't guess Avengers: Endgame as a huge Marvel and especially Iron Man fan himself. "I was going to say it. Avengers," Kookie yelled. While the translated caption on the screen referred to the Bangtan leader as "Marvel's big fan RM," Namjoon showed off his knowledge revealing the exact scene where the tune plays. "The group mission. Everybody knows this part. When Doctor Stranger does this," RM explained while imitating Doctor Strange's trademark hand gesture.

"When they come out all together," an excited ChimChim chimes in with his cute superhero gesture. "Right before the big match? All heroes will come out through this. A big match," RM further elaborated. "Oh, this part. I know it," Jin acknowledged while Suga explained why he chose Star Wars, "I focused on the first part." A disappointed Jungkook held on to his beanie and added, "I know this part. Avengers." An excited Joonie added, "When all gather up. Avengers. You know, assemble," along with the fist gesture while the caption on the screen translated to: "Sentence to make you feel emotional." MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fans will definitely agree!

For more context, the iconic Avengers: Endgame sequence in question is when Doctor Strange is able to bring back the ones who were wiped to dust at the end of Avengers: Infinity War through portals to help aid the OG 6 Avengers in their final battle against Thanos and his army. "I thought someone would say Avengers. We didn't expect Endgame," Young Seok exclaimed while Hobi chimed in, "I had goosebumps," and a pumped up RM said, "Ok, let's go." The members then proceeded to continue with the Music Quiz.

Watch RM leaving his BTS bandmates and The Game Caterers' PD Na Young Seok mighty impressed with his Avengers: Endgame answer on Run BTS below:

Eventually, Jimin, who is a huge fan of beloved variety shows like PD Na's New Journey to the West and Kim Tae Ho's Infinite Challenge, played it clever and won the Music Quiz with 261 points as RM took second place with 109 points, leaving Young Seok impressed with Joonie. The rest of the members were on the '- points' side with J-Hope placing third (- 21 points) followed by Suga (- 44 points), Jin (- 70 points), V (- 110 points) and Jungkook (- 470 points). The Golden Maknae's "beyond our imagination" score left everyone, including PD Na, in splits as Kookie had the time of his life guessing recklessly and losing points. JK's hyungs even enthusiastically clapped for him.

Given that Jimin, RM and J-Hope were in the Top 3, much to Hobi's utter shock, they were given 5, 3 and 1 tries to pick up a chit which included a total of 100 wishes, some of which were penned by BTS themselves while the rest were production team's wishes. ChimChim and Hobi, unfortunately, picked 5 and 1 blank chits and were given paper rolls sets. While Namjoon too picked out two empty chits and was also given paper roll sets, the last chit he picked was his own.

"I picked mine. I got Louis Vuitton. [laughs] Are you watching Virgil? [Abloh, Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton's menswear collection] I just wrote Louis Vuitton. You said 1 million won. I wrote Louis Vuitton. Clothes, please. Buy me some clothes. [A flabbergasted Na PD bargained for accessories instead as they couldn't afford LV clothes, which would cost millions] Then accessories," RM exclaimed with a cheeky grin as the entire set erupted in laughter, clapping. Interestingly, BTS recently joined Louis Vuitton as House Ambassadors.

Like we needed a millionth and one reason to love RM '3000'!

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Meanwhile, Run BTS Ep 142 will drop only next month on June 15, two days after BTS FESTA 2021, and keeping to his promise, PD Na has delivered some special gifts for all the BTS members, including a special Louis Vuitton package for RM.


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