Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: 5 TIMES the power couple hilariously trolled each other on social media

Published on Aug 31, 2021 01:25 AM IST  |  207.3K
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are too adorable with each other.
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of the power couples of Hollywood.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' descriptive and long history of trolling each other has often intrigued social media users, and for all the right reasons! When these two plan an attack, you know there’s elaborate planning and plotting, with an interesting storyline involved. Much like the main characters of an action-thriller, Blake and Ryan know when to strike, and you can trust them to make your day with their out-of-the-box ideas for bringing each other down on social media. While we are at explaining their relationship, it needs to be said out loud - Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds is the most interesting couple in Hollywood, and even 5 years and 3 daughters later, it seems like the two haven’t had enough with regards to joking at each other’s expense until one of them surrenders!

For the unversed, and also for the fans who are eager to check some of their most hilarious pranks on each other, here’s a list of Ryan-Blake moments that has our heart, soul, and laughs:

Ryan Reynolds trolls Blake Lively on her 34th birthday

This one has to top the list, and definitely, none of us saw this coming. We knew Ryan would outdo himself this time, but involving Mariah Carey has been no less than a musical surprise! Reynolds left absolutely no stone unturned in wishing wife Blake Lively a very happy birthday with a TikTok duet he made with the When You Believe singer, but there’s a catch! Reynolds mentioned that his ‘favourite thing’ to happen on August 25 (Blake’s birthday) is his collaboration with Mariah Carey! You didn’t see this coming, right? Neither did we.


Blake Lively apologizing to John Legend for Ryan blocking him in a shot

Don’t think Blake isn’t a smart player! She knows when to hit back, and she is an expert at bringing Reynolds down in their special ‘troll’ war. "Congratulations to the most influential person in my life. The best man I know... you deserve this @time100 honor ... If only my husband wasn't blocking you in this shot. I'm so sorry @johnlegend,” Blake wrote while trying to poke fun at her husband. Despite the photo being deleted now, we know you got an idea of how Blake can strike back, and she definitely is an expert!

Ryan being one step ahead on Blake’s 30th birthday

This one should be kept for the history books, for Ryan really outdid himself! Sharing a picture of the two of them together, Reynolds skillfully cropped Lively out and wished a ‘happy birthday’ to his ‘amazing wife.’ Wondering what Blake must’ve thought of this moment? Head on to the next point then!

Blake Lively’s revenge on Ryan Reynolds’ birthday

For fans, this was the moment when they knew Lively will always strike back, no matter what. The Gossip Girl alum had a hilarious comeback all ready, and posted it right on her husband's 40th birthday! She took to her social media platform to share a picture of her husband and Ryan Gosling, but her husband’s face was half-cropped whereas Gosling’s was intact! “Happy Birthday, baby,” Blake wished. Yes, we respect Blake for being a player you can’t mess with!

The Reynolds and ‘then there’s Blake’

For one of his pictures with his kids Betty, and James, along with wife Blake, Reynolds had the most hilarious caption ever. Making it obvious that he was in the mood to continue the battle, the Free Guy actor posted a family picture which one might think is too adorable on his part until they’ve read the caption! “Three of the most beautiful, considerate, and loving people I’ve ever known, and then there’s Blake,” he mentioned, subtly pointing at Lively being the odd one out in their ‘beautiful, considerate and loving’ family!


So, in this extremely important war, whose side are you on? Share your thoughts on this couple in the comments below!

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