Ryan Reynolds reminisces EPIC towel scene from The Proposal on Sandra Bullock's birthday; DEETS inside

Ryan Reynolds is known for his funny, tongue in cheek sense of humor. Whether it be getting in fun twitter spats with his wife or wishing a happy birthday to his former co-star Sandra Bullock.

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Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock (IMDB)
Key Highlight
  • Ryan Reynolds wished his former co-star Sandra Bullock with snippet from their movie The Proposal
  • Sandra Bullock talked about her experience shooting the iconic naked scene with Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has once again proved that if he wasn't an actor, he would've done an amazing job being a stand-up comedian. The actor is known for his sarcastic and witty sense of humor, and he showed it off once again while wishing his The Proposal co-star Sandra Bullock on her birthday.

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Ryan Reynolds wishes Sandra Bullock on her birthday with The Proposal video

The Deadpool actor wished Bullock a 'Happy birthday' by reminiscing about a particularly funny scene from their 2009 rom-com The Proposal. He posted the snippet of the scene where Bullock's character Margaret, unfortunately, forgot to take a pair of clothes with her when she went to take a shower. As the character tried to come out to fetch her clothes, she's met with Andrew's (Reynold's character) dog. 

As Margaret tries to kick the dog out of her room, she falls through the door, ending up falling on a naked Andrew as well, much to both of their horror. 

The caption read, "Happy Birthday to the inimitable and stunning Sandra Bullock! For your birthday this year, I got us both intimacy coordinators. And an HR department. And clothing?"


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Sandra Bullock reveals details of shooting the scene with Ryan Reynolds

The Gravity actress once discussed the logistics of this same iconic scene. She appeared on the About Last Night Podcast with Adam Ray where she revealed, "We had to do the naked scene that day and Anne Fletcher, our director who's just incredible, she's great. So, we had a closed set, which means no one's allowed to be on there, just hair and makeup coming into fluff and hide."

Bullock revealed Ryan and she had "flesh-colored things" stuck on their privates. She further added, "my hair is strategically over the nipples and Ryan's little— not little, at all! It's just whatever's there, and I don't know because I didn't see it, I didn't look!"

Bullock further explained that Reynolds' privates were strategically positioned to achieve the sequence, and they had limited movement during the scene. The actress continued, "When they'd say cut, we couldn't really move. He was on his back with his knees up, and I'm on the floor just sort of resting on his knees, just waiting, and you don't wanna look and we couldn't really move."

The actress reveals that while filming the scene, a very big mishap took place. "I hear Anne Fletcher from the darkness go, 'Ryan, we can see your ball sack!' I'm like, 'Oh God!' because you wanna look down but I'm like, 'Don't look down. Don't look down.' ... Everyone in the darkness spun around to see if they could find a monitor. I was like, 'Anne, there's a way to present that information," said Bullock sounding flabbergasted. 

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds is made many millennials nostalgic as he recently announced that he is rebooting Alf, the beloved furry alien from the classic 1980s sci-fi comedy. He plans to feature the character in a series of sponsored content shorts on his Maximum Effort Channel.

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How old are Sandra Bullock's children?
She has a 12-year-old son Louis Bullock and a 10-year-old daughter Laila Bullock

How many Oscar nominations has Sandra Bullock had?
She has been nominated for two Academy Awards

What was Sandra Bullock's very first movie?
Hangmen (1987)

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