Ryan Reynolds REVEALS THIS Free Guy scene is in his Top 5 moments in regards to the audience pop in cinemas

Updated on Sep 18, 2021 04:06 PM IST  |  150.1K
Free Guy released in India today, i.e. September 17
Ryan Reynolds stars as Guy and Dude in Free Guy.

*MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD* Now that Ryan Reynolds has jokingly confirmed how Free Guy is mimicking Bollywood, *confession time* I got to interact with Ryan Reynolds during a group interview at Free Guy's Global Press Conference, where I told him how for me, Dude's entry in the movie's climax was like Dwayne The Rock Johnson meets a Bollywood hero. For the unversed, Ryan not only plays the titular role of Guy in the Shawn Levy directorial but also portrays Dude, a "most difficult, scary" upgraded version of himself.

Chuckling, Ryan revealed how much fun it was to play Dude, especially when Free Guy's comical climax sequence got a huge audience pop in cinemas. "It was a lot of fun and it was a lot of improvisation and it was really, the idea that the most difficult, scary person I have to fight in this movie is just an upgraded version of myself. I found that to be very funny. I love that Dude is just nothing but teeth, tanning oil, frosted tips in his hair and shirtlessness was pretty remarkable as well," Reynolds quipped.

"The guy [Aaron W. Reed] that plays the body of Dude, he really is 6 foot 7 and about 350 pounds of muscle. So, he was just amazing to stare at all day. I just couldn't believe a human being comes in that size. I thought we only came in medium to large, not this other thing. And most of the performance was captured afterwards, where they mapped my face onto Dude's body and that's where I got to improvise and play. But on the day, I would have Aaron read, he was the guy that was the Dude body, I would have him say and do all kinds of weird things that we later ended up using in the movie," the Deadpool actor recalled.

"It was, it's one of my favourite parts of the film and... I don't want to give away the spoilers around it, how I defeat him, but that moment, seeing that moment with an audience in the theatre was probably my Top 5 moments I've ever had in a cinema where the audience jumps to their feet and gasps and can't believe it. Not just what we're doing in the scene but also the incredible cameos that show up in that moment was pretty fun for me, a pretty special moment," Ryan concluded enthusiastically.

We can agree that this memorable Free Guy moment was one for the comedy books, indeed!

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