Sam Smith might STOP touring because of THIS reason; Find out

Academy Award-winning singer Sam Smith has revealed that he has suffered multiple meltdowns during tours. Hence, they are considering to stop touring.
Sam Smith has revealed that they have suffered multiple meltdowns during toursSam Smith has revealed that they have suffered multiple meltdowns during tours
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Sam Smith is one of the best singers of this generation, but the ‘Latch’ singer has revealed that they don’t like to go on tours as they miss their family way too much. Sam recently revealed that it’s really hard for them to go on tours despite having an on-road-therapist with them. The pop star requested their fans to call them by the pronouns ‘they/them’ instead of ‘he/his’. The move was welcomed and criticized equally by his fans on Instagram. 


Now, Sam has announced that they’re thinking of stopping touring and said that, “After every tour, I've been on, I've had a bit of a meltdown if I'm honest. I don't want to lose my mind, so I'm scared about the next tour. Sam talked about their therapist also, as he continued, “I have an on-the-road therapist. There are many ways to handle it, but the truth is I don't handle it, I find it really hard.”




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Sam also mentioned that "You go away from all your family and friends for so long and then you come back and everyone's changed and everything's changed.” Sam even addressed the feeling of performing in front of the fans admitting that, “It's really hard but at the same time it's incredibly addictive because I get to meet my fans and sing for all of them.”




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