'Sasuke is basically...' Naruto creator FINALLY answers if Sasuke is hero or anti-hero

The two faces of Sasuke: Irredeemable villain or compelling antihero

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Naruto creator FINALLY answers if Sasuke is hero or anti-hero
Key Highlight
  • The dark transformation of Sasuke's path
  • Sasuke's unconventional moral compass

In the intricate world of the manga and anime series Naruto, the character of Sasuke Uchiha has been a constant source of debate among fans. Is he a hero or a villain? This question has lingered for years, but a recently resurfaced quote from the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, sheds new light on the matter.

Sasuke's journey from hero to antihero

'Sasuke is basically...' Naruto creator FINALLY answers if Sasuke is  hero or anti-hero

Sasuke Uchiha's journey began as a key member of Team 7, alongside Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi. He was initially a hero, driven by noble intentions to protect his village and uphold its values. However, his path took a dark turn as he was consumed by grief and an unrelenting obsession with revenge. The influence of villains like Orochimaru and Obito further corrupted his character.

The revealing quote from Masashi Kishimoto, shared by a fan account (@kishimotomasshi) and originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump #108 in 2014, offers a fresh perspective on Sasuke's character. Kishimoto describes Sasuke as "not good or bad, he's just pure." This statement challenges the traditional hero-villain binary and presents Sasuke as something more complex.

Kishimoto's comparison of Naruto and Sasuke as "ying and yang" characters highlights the crucial distinction in their roles. While Naruto embodies the traditional hero archetype, Sasuke's purity, as described by Kishimoto, implies a character who acts on their own instincts and beliefs, irrespective of societal norms.


Sasuke: Hero or villain? The debate

'Sasuke is basically...' Naruto creator FINALLY answers if Sasuke is  hero or anti-hero

Throughout the Naruto series, Sasuke's actions have polarized fans. Some see him as an irredeemable villain, driven by selfishness and vengeance. Others view him as a compelling antihero, motivated by loyalty to his family's legacy and a desire for justice. Sasuke's moral compass continually shifts as he uncovers the tragic history of the Uchiha Clan and the truth about his older brother, Itachi.

At the series' outset, Sasuke was the "bad boy" with a sense of nobility and loyalty, exemplified by his saving of Naruto during Team 7's battle against Zabuza. However, his ultimate goal was always vengeance for his clan's slaughter, and he was willing to sever ties and hurt those close to him to achieve it.

In the end, Sasuke's character, as Kishimoto describes it, is driven by a relentless determination to achieve his goals, regardless of the consequences. He defies conventional hero or villain labels, remaining a unique and enigmatic figure in the world of Naruto.


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