Scottish actor Jack Lowden in the race to play OO7 in James Bond films after Daniel Craig? Find Out

Scottish actor Jack Lowden is leading the race to play OO7 in James Bond movies after Daniel Craig. Read on to know more.
daniel craig,James Bond,Hollywood,Jack LowdenScottish actor Jack Lowden in the race to play OO7 in James Bond films after Daniel Craig? Find Out
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Bookies have a new favourite when it comes to playing the role of James Bond after Daniel Craig, and this newcomer on the list has left Tom Hardy behind. Bookies have named Jack Lowden as one of the top runners who can act as a possible replacement to Craig in the iconic franchise. The Scottish actor, who was recently nominated at BAFTA surpassed Hollywood actor Hardy, who was initially hogging the first position on the list. 

Reacting to the news, The Mary Queen Of Scots star told GP that while he is flattered to be named as a potential replacement to play the iconic Hollywood character, he still wants Craig to play James bond till he decides to swap his Aston Martin for a mobility scooter, reported Metro News. Stating that he is a massive Daniel Craig fan, the Lowden asserted that according to his opinion, Craig should continue playing the character and should not stop until he is 85. His age, according to him, will give an exciting spin to 007’s storyline. “Bond dealing with age is a brilliant idea,” he said.

Born in Scotland, the 29-year0old actor has been named as one of the five nominees for this year’s Bafta EE Rising Star award. The award was once won by British actor James McAvoy, who happens to be Lowden's icon. The actor also stated that he has no desire to follow McAvoy and hop on a plane to Hollywood. He asserted that “enough exciting stuff happening here in Scotland I really want to do.” Nearly fourteen years after Craig made his first appearance as James Bond in Casino Royale, the 51-year-old actor will reprise his iconic role for one last time, before retiring from the franchise, in the upcoming film No Time to Die.

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