See co stars Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista willing to star in a buddy cop movie with their 'shirts off'

Published on Aug 25, 2021 01:52 AM IST  |  151.6K
Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista are excited to star in a buddy cop movie together.
Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista have worked together in See and Dune.

See co-stars Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista have recently opened up on their wishes to star in a ‘lethal weapon’-style buddy cop movie with their ‘shirts off.’ Taking to Twitter, Bautista shared the desire with their fans and urged them to wait for it. Recently, in the Late Late Show With James Corden, Momoa shared that Bautista has already informed him about the plan via text messages.

Speaking to the host, Corden, via ET Canada, Momoa said that despite not being on Twitter, he got the news four days ago when Bautista texted him about starring in a ‘buddy cop film’ together. Stating that the two of them have a great friendship with each other, Momoa added that he loves Bautista, as they have met during the shooting for See, and are also starring in Dune together. “And he’s like, ‘Let’s do it in Hawaii.’ I’m like, ‘Let’s do it...I got an idea.’ So it’s off to the races now. We’re doing it,” added Momoa.

The Aquaman star added that the movie will sell itself! “Dave loves wearing speedos. I love wearing board shorts. Ya know, both of us with our shirts off. You know, buddy cop film. He’ll be grumpy, I’ll be charming. Boom. It sells itself, bro. Bam!,” he jokingly mentioned.

According to ET Canada, host James Corden quipped in to ask Momoa about the name of their buddy cop movie. Momoa said other people will decide on the name later. Corden, poking fun at the star, and Bautista showed faith in their planning and mentioned seeing a bright future for the movie. “I don’t think either of them are in this for the art,” Corden joked.

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