Selena Gomez REACTS to sister Gracie trolling her social media skills in a new TikTok video

Published on Aug 17, 2021 12:55 AM IST  |  82.7K
Selena Gomez and her sister Gracie have made many iconic TikTok videos together.

Selena Gomez and her sister Gracie are a force to reckon with when the duo participates together in any TikTok video. From imitating their favourite roles from a popular sitcom to just posting random ‘sister-things’ for Gomez’s fans, the two are hilarious together. Recently, the Wolves singer has admitted to having been trolled by her little sister.

While the two sisters hardly seem to be on friendly terms, Gomez has always been the one at the receiving end of Gracie’s jokes. Just sister things! According to ET Canada, this time, Gracie thought Selena could use a lesson or two on how to effectively use social media. In a new TikTok video, the youngest sister told Selena that she embarrasses her, while the oldest struggled to use the social media app. Selena then realized that she had accidentally deleted the entire video which made Gracie laugh at her sister’s poor social media skills.

The next thing fans know is Selena trying to post the video on Snapchat, only failing miserably and messing up every filter on the app. The two sisters have also bickered previously in some of Selena’s social media videos that fans love. In one of their most popular videos, Selena and sister Gracie were witnessed engaging in banter while lip-syncing to a Full House scene where Selena played the role of DJ Tanner and Gracie takes up the dialogues of Stephanie Tanner. The two engage in an argument where, in the end, Gracie jokingly grabs Selena’s face.

We really hope to see more of the two Gomez sisters who happen to be the best when it comes to creating iconic social media videos!

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