'Sends Me Off': Russell Crowe Says Nice Guys Costar Ryan Gosling Is The Only Person Who Can Make Him Break Character

Russell Crowe, known for his intense focus and method acting, recently revealed the one co-star who consistently made him break character was Ryan Gosling. He talked about Gosling's comedic timing.

Published on Jun 15, 2024  |  11:47 PM IST |  54.9K
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Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in The Nice Guy (P.C.- YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures)

Regardless of the circumstances, Russell Crowe is known for his commitment to staying in character. However, Ryan Gosling might just be the one to make him break that streak. In a recent interview with GQ, Crowe revealed that he and Gosling portray the characters of "hired leg-breaker" Jackson Healy and private eye Holland March in the 2016 film Nice Guys. The duo teams up to search for a missing girl and delve into the mysterious death of a porn star.

Only Ryan Gosling could make Russell Crowe break his character

Russell Crowe is known for his calm and composed manner of staying focused on a character. But even he has one comedic weakness and that is Ryan Gosling.

In a recent interview with GQ, Crowe revealed his struggles to maintain composure while filming the 2016 comedy The Nice Guys alongside Gosling. "There's a thing in acting called corpsing," Crowe said, referring to actors unintentionally laughing during a scene. "That little [expletive] gets me every time," he said with amusement, referring to Gosling.

Crowe is known for his serious demeanor on set. Director Ridley Scott even joked about Crowe's unwavering commitment to his characters. "The Colosseum could be collapsing behind me and I'd still be doing my stuff," Crowe said.

Those who have watched the comedy might know why it was difficult for Crowe to remain composed in Gosling's company. Whether they are presenting at the Oscars, doing talk show appearances, or costarring on screen, their comic connection is undeniable.


This was not the first time Crowe has praised Gosling's comedic skills. In a 2020 interview with Business Insider, Crowe expressed similar sentiments about the actor.

"Ryan Gosling can make me laugh in a heartbeat ... Whatever characters I’m trying to do, he can just, like a laser, pump through it and just [tickling gesture], and just sends me off!" said Crowe.

Crowe, a busy actor at 60 years old, has already wrapped filming on five movies this year, including The Exorcism, Sleeping Dogs, and Sony's upcoming Kraven the Hunter. He also spent the winter filming the historical drama Nuremberg, slated for release in 2025.

Russell Crowe Says Co-Star Ryan Gosling Is a 'Comic Genius'

Oscar and Golden Globe-winner Russell Crowe had said something big about Ryan Gosling almost a decade ago. “The thing about this kid, right, he’s genuinely a comic genius,” Crowe said of Gosling on Good Morning America back in 2016. 


Crowe said that he worked with Gosling and thought that there's no need to even give him payment when he can get such pleasure on the set sitting with Gosling. "It was almost like, ‘Why are they paying me for this?’ It’s more fun than anything else, you know?" Crowe said. 

He added that he almost knew that they shared a sense of humor, but even he was unaware of that chemistry and how it could exist until someone actually starts doing one's job. "The really simple version is, we just listen to each other,” Crowe concluded.

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