Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield SLAMS fans who take photos ‘without asking’ him

Published on Sep 20, 2021 09:01 PM IST  |  102.9K
Asa Butterfield opens up on fans taking pics of him ‘without asking’
Asa Butterfield has asked fans to stop taking photos of him ‘without asking’

Sex Education's Asa Butterfield who plays the role of Otis Milburn in the show wants some privacy. The actor, 24, has recently taken to Twitter to rant about fans who take photos of him ‘without asking’. Stating that he wants to be left alone, Butterfield has opened up on being ‘tired’ of fans who don’t take his consent while he is on a night out.

“It actually kills my mood and my night, f**k off, leave me be please,” Butterfield tweeted, adding that he had to “slap multiple phones” out of his face before heading towards home. The star took to his social media platform to raise awareness about the kind of behaviour from fans that can make celebrities fall into major trouble, especially when they are enjoying a private night out, as Butterfield was.

Twitterati surrounded his tweet with positive thoughts and ideas, to help Butterfield get past the experience. “Please stay safe,” a user noted, as others asked fans to ‘respect the privacy’ of celebrities. This comes at a time when Butterfield starrer series Sex Education has released its third season on Netflix, where his character Otis has been receiving major appreciation for his growth but has also received solid criticism for his confusing relationships with two female leads of the show.

However, as of Butterfield, it seems like he has sternly asked some of his fans to ‘leave him be’ when all he is trying to do is enjoy a night out in the city.

Take a look at his tweet:

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