Singer Sia CONFIRMS she has welcomed a son; Confesses being 'sexually attracted' to Diplo

Singer Sia revealed she has a new role to play. She revealed she is a mother now. She revealed her life's new update when she spilled the beans on Diplo.
Singer Sia CONFIRMS she has welcomed a son; Confesses being 'sexually attracted' to Diplo
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We've known her for her songs. We've also known her for her popular face-hiding wig but now, Sia wants us to know her as a mother of one as well. The Cheap Thrills hitmaker recently confessed that she has a new role to play in life. Speaking to GQ magazine, the 44-year-old singer spilled the beans on her personal life to confess that she recently turned a mother to a son. The Elastic Heart singer revealed that she has adopted a son recently. 

She made the announcement when she was confessing about her sexual attraction towards Diplo. Sia and Diplo have collaborated on LSD, along with rapper Labrinth. Sia confessed that she dropped him a message last year informing him that he is one of the five people she is "sexually attracted" to. She went on to reveal that she offered him a "no-strings" attached relationship. 

"Much of our relationship is just being spent trying not to have sex so that we wouldn't ruin our business relationship because he's super-duper hot. This year I wrote him a text, and I said, 'Hey, listen, you're like one of five people that I'm sexually attracted to, and now that I've decided to be single for the rest of my life and I just adopted a son, I don't have time for a relationship. If you're interested in some no-strings sex, then hit me up,'" she confessed. The magazine doesn't reveal if he accepted her offer. 

She also accused Diplo of being "one of the most insecure boys" that she has come across when it comes to personal relationships. "He doesn't think that he's good enough at anything. He has crazy low self-esteem. It's so interesting, because he's one of the most talented and attractive people in the world. But he doesn't know it," she said. 

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