A sleeping Prince Harry was informed about grandfather Prince Philip's death by an LA cop and the US Embassy?

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The US Embassy tried calling Prince Harry just before 3 am to inform him about Prince Philip's death.

It was in the wee hours of the morning of April 9, when Prince Harry was quite literally woken up to be informed about his beloved grandfather Prince Philip's death at the age of 99. Harry, along with his pregnant wife Meghan Markle and their son Archie, 2, are currently residing in Montecito, Santa Barbara in Los Angeles, which is 8 time zones behind Windsor Castle in London.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources disclosed how Harry was made aware of the family tragedy. On April 9, just before 3 am, the US Embassy tried calling the 36-year-old former senior royal member to inform him about The Duke of Edinburgh's death. However, no one answered while it's not known if Harry's ringer was off or if he and Meghan were just sound sleepers. It was after repeated attempts to get through on call that the US Embassy got in touch with Barbara Sheriff's Department instead and asked if an officer could be sent to Harry's home and relay to him that they have been urgently trying to reach him.

As obliged, a cop was sent as he reached Harry and Meghan's estate gate and delivered the message to someone from The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's staff, who then told Harry that he needed to call the US Embassy ASAP. Hence, this is how Harry came to know about Prince Philip's passing.

Adding more subtext to the story, TMZ reiterated how the royal family is said to be miffed with Harry and Meghan for making shocking revelations against them in recent interviews, especially with allegations of racism. The fact that the royal family may have not wanted Harry to learn about Prince Philip's death through the media, which would paint them in a heartless manner, hence, it makes sense why there was such urgency to get in touch with Harry.

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Eventually, Harry would reunite with his family, for the first time since stepping down from his senior royal role and his and Meghan's now infamous Oprah interview, as he travelled back to the UK to pay his respects to his grandfather. Prince Philips' funeral service took place on April 17 at St. Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle.


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