'Sometimes We Go To Bed Angry': Inside Out 2 Star Tony Hale Opens Up About 20-Year Relationship With Wife

Hale shared that they love therapy, and having community around them where they just have fun, talk about stuff, that's been huge for them.

Published on Jun 22, 2024  |  04:13 PM IST |  52.3K
Tony Hale with wife

Tony Hale, known for his role in Inside Out 2, recently shared insights into his long-lasting marriage. Married for two decades to Martel Thompson, a Hollywood makeup artist, Hale revealed a refreshing perspective on handling disagreements.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, the 53-year-old actor admitted, "We don't really follow the model of ‘Don't go to bed angry.’ Sometimes we go to bed angry." This candid admission challenges the conventional wisdom often shared with couples.

Hale and Thompson, both Emmy winners, prioritize giving each other space during conflicts. Hale emphasized the importance of taking time apart to reflect on what happened. he explained. that Having that space to start to think about what happened has been a beneficial habit in navigating conflict,

Moreover, the couple is not shy about seeking professional help when needed. They have been in therapy for a long time and find it immensely valuable. Hale shared that they love therapy, and having a community around them where they just have fun, and talk about stuff, that's been huge for them.

Reflecting on their relationship, Hale described Thompson as his best friend. He highlighted the mutual respect they have for each other's opinions. "Hers is the opinion that I care the most about," he said, emphasizing the importance of their bond.

Their approach to disagreements often involves seeking a third-party perspective. Hale recalled a therapist once telling them, "You guys are just saying two sides of the same coin, talking about the same thing. You're just seeing it from different sides." This acknowledgment of differing perspectives has been crucial in their marriage.


Tony Hale  with wife

As they prepare to face the transition to an empty nest, with their daughter Loy Ann heading off to college, the couple expresses a mix of emotions. Hale admits that it's really beautiful and it's daunting as hell. Like any parents, they worry about their daughter but remain hopeful for her future.

Despite their busy schedules, Hale continues to thrive in his acting career. Following his viral Verizon Super Bowl ad, he is set to voice Fear in Inside Out 2 and appears in Netflix’s upcoming comedy series, The Decameron.

In a world where relationships often face challenges, Tony Hale's openness about his marriage serves as a reminder that love and understanding can withstand the test of time.

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