Song Joong Ki explains the reason behind accepting Space Sweepers; Director deems actor 'hardworking and fun'

Song Joong Ki revealed the factors that led him to take on the role of a space junk collector ship pilot in Space Sweepers. The film's director couldn't stop gushing over the actor.
Song Joong Ki explains the reason behind accepting Space Sweepers; Director deems actor 'hardworking and fun'
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Song Joong Ki will play a pilot in Space Sweepers. The actor stars in his first movie in three years. Song Joong Ki plays Tae Ho, a space junk collector ship pilot. The teasers and trailers of the movie have promised fun and dramatic ride through space. While we are looking forward to knowing the fans' reaction to the movie, the star opened about the factors that led him to accept the role. As reported by Soompi, Song Joong Ki revealed it was Tae Ho's characteristics that led him to sign the movie. 

When he first read the script, he was drawn to the character who wasn't flashy and doesn't hide anything. "I wanted to take on the character of Tae Ho because he has a bright personality,” he said. Song Joong Ki explained that Tae Ho might appear cold from the outside but he was a warm person from within. Sharing more insight, he said the pilot doesn't let his inner warmth appear on the surface. He also deemed him a genius who has a knack to make the most of any situation. 

While Song Joong Ki brought us a step closer to his character in the movie, Space Sweepers' director Jo Sung Hee was all praise for the actor. The filmmaker, who worked with the star in A Werewolf Boy, said Song Joong Ki remains to be the hardworking star he was the last time they worked together. "He is hardworking, bright, and fun like he was in ‘A Werewolf Boy,’ and he is an actor who gives strength to those around him and makes everyone laugh. Being able to work with him is a great joy," the director said. The Space Sweepers helmer added that Song Joong Ki fits perfectly for the role of Tae Ho. 

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Anonymous 7 months ago

SJK is a very versatile actor Every project he works on comes so real Space sweeper is another one of a kind movie for the Korean movie industry which is a must watch film Good luck to everyone involve in this film SJK more power to your career stay humble always Everyone keep safe

Anonymous 8 months ago

Skj one of the finest actor I'm so excited !!!!!

Anonymous 8 months ago

Song joong ki can give justice to all chatacter he potray. All sjk fans will agree with me that he love to chose different character in all his movies and tv series. I wish next character he will potray a CEO, a son of chaebol, a king or prince , a police investigator , a prosecutor to name a few. GOODLUCK SJK and I pray that space sweeper will going to be blockbuster despite of pandemic around. GOD BLESS

Anonymous 8 months ago

Excited to see again one of my favorite actor SJK.

Anonymous 8 months ago

Joong-ki is a veteran actor.. he really put his all to whatever he do in terms of acting.. keep it up.. Good luck and more power to all the cast of Space Sweepers .. another blockbuster masterpiece...

Anonymous 8 months ago

Tengo muchas ganas de ver esto, no tengo dudas de que te veras genial

Anonymous 8 months ago

Song Joong Ki is a great versatile actor always giving his all bringing to live whatever his into it here's looking forward to watching space sweepers another excellent movie. Good luck and God bless. Stay safe everyone

Anonymous 8 months ago

SJK is the best!!! Im looking forward to the movie!!!