Song Joong Ki learned about Space Sweepers 9 years ago: Thought concept was new; Attracted to the challenge

Song Joong Ki plays the pilot in Space Sweepers set to release next weekend. The actor revealed he learned about the concept of the movie about a decade ago and was attracted to the challenge of telling South Korea's first space-themed sci-fi thriller.
Song Joong Ki learned about Space Sweepers 9 years ago: Thought concept was new; Attracted to the challenge
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Song Joong Ki is all set to take over the outer space in his upcoming movie Space Sweepers. Set in 2092, the South Korean film revolves around a group of space junk collectors who come across a humanoid robot named Dorothy. The robot is a weapon of mass destruction. The concept of space exploration is new to South Korea, making Space Sweepers the industry's first space-themed sci-fi film. While the film releases this year, it has been revealed that the film was in the making for ten years now. 

Song Joong Ki revealed that he learned about the film from director Jo Sung Hee when they were filming "A Werewolf Boy.” As reported by Soompi, during a recent press conference, the actor said that the concept was new and the challenge of making South Korea's first movie from the genre intrigued him. "Even while we were filming ‘A Werewolf Boy’ nine years ago, I’d heard that he was preparing for a space-themed sci-fi film. I thought the concept of space junk was new, and I was attracted to the challenge in making South Korea’s first space-themed sci-fi film," he said. 

The Descendants of the Sun alum plays pilot Tae-ho in the film. Via The Korea Times, Song Joong Ki shared an insight into his character. He said, "Tae-ho is a desperate penniless man who wears socks with holes. He pursues a life chasing money." Meanwhile, director Jo Sung Hee elaborated on how the idea came into being. The concept came to him almost a decade ago. He said he was having a meal with a friend when they were talking about numerous things. The filmmaker said, "It started with the idea of space travelers collecting space junk that is moving faster than a speeding bullet. I heard about how these fast-moving fragments of space debris are growing and leading to in-space collisions," he said. 

The director added that the subject was dealt with in the animations and games space but not in the movies. "I started writing the script wondering how Koreans, who possess a tenacious mentality, would approach this problem," he added. Space Sweepers sees Kim Tae Ri play the leading lady. The actress essays the role of Captain Jang, the leader of The Victory, in the film. Speaking about her role, the actress said that she liked that the ship was led by a woman. 

“I liked that the captain of the ship was a woman. She seems like a simple character, but she has warmth inside," she said. Speaking about her experience of working on Korea's first space sci-fi, the actress revealed that though she had high expectations, she didn't do much to prepare for the role. Instead, she believed in her director's vision. "I had a lot of high expectations about Korea’s first space sci-fi film. I didn’t do much to prepare for the role other than what the director had already visualized in his head. I thought that even though Captain Jang is a brilliant character, we had to avoid making her seem perfect and clichéd. I wanted to make her seem human, so I talked a lot with the senior actors," she said. 

Space Sweepers was set to release this summer. However, the makers decided to delay the release owing to the COVID-19 crisis. It has now been confirmed that Space Sweepers will release on September 23 in South Korea. Space Sweepers also stars Jin Seon Kyu as engineer Tiger Park and Yoo Hae Jin who brings harpooning robot Opdongie to life on the big screen. Check out the trailer here: Space Sweepers Trailer: Song Joong Ki and gang discovers bomb disguised as a child; New release date REVEALED

Apart from Space Sweepers, Song Joong Ki has a couple of projects to look forward to. The actor will be seen in Bogota. He also recently signed a new Korean drama show called Vincenzo. The actor stars opposite Jeon Yeo Bin. The actor will play the titular role. Read more about it here: Vincenzo: Song Joong Ki confirmed for the titular role; K drama ft Jeon Yeo Bin, Taecyeon eyes 2021 premiere

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