In the SOOP BTS ver Ep 5: V reignites memories of Robert Pattinson's Twilight; ARMY dubs Taehyung a vampire

BTS singer V reminded us of Robert Pattinson starrer Twilight when he picked up the baseball bat in the latest episode of In The SOOP BTS Ver. The ARMY has dubbed him as the vampire and we cannot wait to see him play out a vampire in a K-drama some day!
BTS singer V caught Twilight fans' attention in the latest In The SOOP BTS ver episode BTS singer V caught Twilight fans' attention in the latest In The SOOP BTS ver episode
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When we began streaming the 5th episode of In the SOOP BTS ver, little did we know that it was going to pack in a couple of iconic moments featuring V. While the biggest highlight, with regard to Taehyung, was the singer's discussion about his mixtape with J-Hope to the makers giving us a sneak peek at one of his songs from his upcoming mixtape (KTH1 is coming, oh lord!). However, we weren't prepared for TaeTae to take us on a walk down the memory lane and revisit Twilight. 

For those who haven't watched the episode yet, here's some context. During the episode, the members turned sporty and Taehyung picked up the baseball bat. As though the singer wasn't looking hot enough, he began twirling the bat and boom! the Cullens' iconic baseball scene from Twilight rushed back into our minds. It was obvious that we weren't alone. ARMY felt the same and they dug out the clip of Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone) playing with the bat and drew comparisons with Taehyung. 

Soon enough, the official handle of the Twilight Saga joined and they announced V as their bias. Following the comparison, the ARMY dubbed Taehyung as a vampire. Check out a few reactions below: 

If you don't remember the baseball scene from Twilight, here's a quick revisit of the game as well: 

Do you think Taehyung should play a vampire in a K-drama soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

While fans were wrapping their heads around the fifth episode of In the SOOP BTS ver, BTS set America's Got Talent's stage on fire with their performance on Dynamite. Check it out here: VIDEO: BTS sets the night alight with their epic Dynamite performance at a theme park for America's Got Talent

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Anonymous 9 months ago

yes my baby tae tae should play a vampire role in drama.And i cannot imagine oh my god