South Korea's Minister of Defense nominee has THIS to say about BTS member Jin's military enlistment

In a written letter to South Korea's National Assembly's National Defense Committee, Seo Wook, Minister of Defense nominee shared his thoughts on BTS' military service exemption issue, especially with Jin's enlistment.
South Korea's Minister of Defense nominee shares his thoughts on BTS' military service exemption issueSouth Korea's Minister of Defense nominee has THIS to say about BTS member Jin's military enlistment
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There's been a lot of talk regarding BTS member Jin's enlistment date as South Korea's Military Service Act states that men should enlist by the age of 28. Recently, news broke out that Jeon Yong-ki of the Democratic Party of Korea was proposing a partial revision to the Military Service Act, which would enable pop culture artists, recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, to postpone their military service with the criteria that they have made a significant contribution to enhancing national prestige.

Now, Seo Wook, South Korea's Minister of Defense nominee has expressed his thoughts on the issue surrounding BTS' military service exemption, especially with Jin's enlistment date as he turns 28 on December 4, 2020. According to Allkpop, Wook submitted a written question and answer letter to the National Assembly's National Defense Committee on September 14 with one of the questions tackled being his position on the military service exemption system and the special military exemption for BTS. "Everyone should be treated fairly and equitably," Seo began.

"The special military service exception for talented pop culture artists is a matter in which a national consensus should precede, and sufficient discussion is needed in advance," he added.

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Meanwhile, it was recently revealed by BTS' agency Big Hit Entertainment that Jin's military enlistment could be postponed to 2021. According to Star Today via Koreaboo, in the stock report submitted by Big Hit to Financial Services Commission, it stated, "BTS is composed of members born in 1992 to 1997 and are all eligible for active duty service. We believe that it is possible to postpone Jin’s enlistment date until the end of 2021."

Anonymous 2 hours ago

I don't really think we as non- Koreans have a say in this matter. It's a national law and the country and its people decides what has to be done. The sense of entitlement some people have bothers me, like don't butt you head somewhere where your opinion isnt needed. You can feel sad but other than that we have no say. Period.

Anonymous 1 week ago

BTS has already added 1.3-1.4 billion in Korea's economy by the release of "Dynamite". They have contributed so much in the economy of Korea. So personally I think that they must be exempted from their military enlistment

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

just go enlist already, bts are getting old

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

there's nothing special about bts tbh, no.1 on billboard hot 100 chart is not a "national" achievement, that chart is just for the american mainstream music industry, whether you chart there or not the majority of american people still do not know wtf they are and bts will be like just another "William Hung" or even another "PSY", honestly american really do like comedian and they only saw bts as that asian comedian to be laugh at and sorry to say, that's the sad fact. bts are getting older, there's not much time left for them on the music industry that's why bighit is trying to milking out of bts every second to make money, then they will focus on building up TXT (that's why they were debut at a very young age) and making them as the same as they make bts, bighit is now like a factory for mnet/cjenm (the one who runs every entertainment industry in sk and the one provide the money for the government) and bts/txt are their product. if bts is excluded from military enlistment then you'll know why. it's all about business.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I am an army, but I think that when it comes to military service there should be no favoritism, other Korean celebrities, singers, composers, actors, have done their service even with records sales or screenings. Politics and military must remain neutral

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

They even achieved first position on billboards They have and are contributing so much to korean We will see them next year in Grammys I'm sure They should not be enlisted ,it is not special treatment What they have done is special

Anonymous 2 weeks ago


Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I will die sure

Anonymous 2 weeks ago


Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I made me cry ...

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