Spider Man 3: Tom Holland reveals he knows all the secrets about the film; Says ‘I know how to not spoil it’

Tom Holland revealed he knows everything about his upcoming film, Spider Man 3, but will not drop any spoilers. Read on to know more.
Hollywood,Spider Man 3 Spider Man 3: Tom Holland reveals he knows all the secrets about the film; Says ‘I know how to not spoil it’
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Tom Holland is learning from his mistakes. The actor, who has dropped many MCU spoilers in the past, has now mastered the art of keeping the secrets to himself. During a recent interview, the actor proudly revealed that even though knows every little detail about the upcoming Spider-Man 3, he has managed to not give out spoiler during his recent interviews. The 23-year-old actor said he had a pitch meeting with Marvel and Sony earlier this month and he knows all the secrets now.

The actor is currently promoting his upcoming animated film Onward, which is scheduled to release on March 6, and had given multiple interviews in the last couple of weeks. The actor asserted that he has given many interviews after his meeting with Marvel, but has learned how to not spoil a movie anymore, Hey U Guys reported. The actor also mentioned that he is very excited to reprise his superhero role in MCU, especially after Marvel and Sony’s temporarily split.

After Marvel and Sony finally decided to go forward with another superman film, Tom expressed his excitement at Comic-Con last year. Holland said he will continue to play Spider Man. Talking about the upcoming film, the actor said the film is going to be very different from the previous ones. Later, Marvel boss Kevin Feige also expressed gratitude for having the opportunity to treats fans with Peter Parker’s yet another adventurous cinematic journey. Feige also revealed that Sony is developing the plot line for the upcoming film.

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