Spider Man: No Way Home: Here's why Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina & Jamie Foxx decided to reprise their roles

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Spider Man No Way Home villains
Spider Man: No Way Home supervillains have opened up on returning for the movie.

With Spider-Man: No Way Home releasing on December 16th in India, fans have been specifically interested to know more about the villains that have reprised their roles for the movie. From the looks of the trailers, Alfred Molina aka Doctor Ock, Willem Dafoe aka Green Golbin and Jamie Foxx aka Electro would have their own screentime in the movie.

During CCXP's panel, which has been uploaded on Spider-Man's official YouTube channel, the three iconic supervillains have revealed their individual reasons as to why they decided to join the Spider-Man franchise again. While gushing about Amy Pascal's creation, and her ideas for Spider-verse, Dafoe said that the script "sounded like a lot of fun." "I liked the idea that I was returning to something that was the same but different. It's a return to something I did before with that kind of history, but the spin there's a spin on it, and that appealed to me," he added.

Molina jokingly revealed that he came back because of the "money!" He also discussed how Dafoe and he were speaking about how long it has been for them to have shot a scene as the iconic villains until they returned for No Way Home. "You know it's like we've been waiting, but the material, the pitch, was excellent. I, to be honest, when when the idea was first suggested I my first thought was, 'Hang on, I'm 17 years older. I've got chins; I've got wrinkles. What are they going to do?' Then, of course, I suddenly realized, wait a minute, they've got the technology, this isn't going to be a problem," revealed, referring to how the technology has changed since the time they were in the Spider-Man movies.

Jamie Foxx also revealed what made him join the Spider-verse again. Opening up after Molina and Dafoe, he said that he liked the idea of his character getting a makeover and being able to interact with Molina and Dafoe. "To walk on set and to see these guys, I literally bowed to them, and we've been having a ball. I'm happy we got a brand new start, a brand new look," Foxx revealed.

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