Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp reveals he 'guilt-tripped' THIS singer to follow him back on Instagram

Noah Schnapp made the startling revelation on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, during True Confessions with Stranger Things co-star Millie Bobby Brown and Jimmy Fallon.

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Noah Schnapp revealed that the popular musician followed all his Stranger Things co-stars, except him.

Noah Schnapp made a startling confession when he and BFF Millie Bobby Brown appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! As Millie was promoting her latest outing Enola Holmes 2, Noah joined his Stranger Things co-star and Jimmy Fallon to play a hilarious game of True Confessions. While Brown picked a truth for herself: "I sneak my pet bunny into hotels," Fallon lied about himself: "LeBron James called me from the court during a game." As for Schnapp...

Noah Schnapp "Guilt-Tripped" Shawn Mendes to Follow Him Back on Instagram

Noah Schnapp picked a truth about himself, as he confessed, "I guilt-tripped Shawn Mendes into following me back on Instagram." As the studio audience burst out laughing, Millie Bobby Brown couldn't help but quip about her bestie: "This is something he would do." Revealing how the incident took place one-two years ago, Brown asked why Schnapp guilt-tripped the Grammy-nominated musician and whether Mendes didn't want to follow him: "Well, he followed everyone else in the cast except me. [Fallon exclaimed in shock, "Shawn Mendes!"] Yeah. He followed you [points at Brown], Sadie [Sink], Gaten [Matarazzo], Caleb [McLaughlin], everybody. I was like, 'What the heck! Why does he follow everyone but me?!' He had beef with me. [laughs]"

Millie Bobby Brown then noted, "Oh, he's bitter!," while Jimmy Fallon agreed: "Yeah, he's mad! What's Shawn Mendes' problem?!" While Millie chuckled accusing Noah of lying, Jimmy asked, "So then, how did you get a hold of Shawn Mendes? Guilt-trip -" To this, Schnapp revealed, "I DMed him and I was like, 'I'm low-key offended. Why do you follow everyone -' [Brown asked in surprise, "Did you say, 'I'm low-key offended? You said that to him?'"]"

Jimmy Fallon then funnily accused, "Wait, you can't DM someone if they're not following you. He's lying!" This caused both Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp (and the studio audience!) to burst out laughing at Fallon's inaccuracy: "Wait, am I - [laughs] Did I just show how old I am? Okay. I thought you had to follow each other to DM." Noah quipped that Jimmy did in fact show his age while schooling him on how you can DM anybody. When a confused Jimmy innocently asked, "You can DM anybody?," an ashamed Millie with her exaggerated expression, exclaimed, "Jimmy, Jimmy stop. You need to stop." Everyone had righteous laughter over Fallon's cute goof-up!

Going back to the Shawn Mendes incident, when asked what did "Men-men" say, Noah Schnapp divulged, "He said, 'Oh, what's up, man. Like, I love you so much.'" Millie Bobby Brown agreed, saying that Mendes does say "man" a lot since he's a fellow Canadian. "Shawn, well, he's a very nice guy, Shawn," Jimmy Fallon praised while Brown admitted, "Oh, I'm sweating."

Jimmy Fallon then asked when was the last time Noah Schnapp talked to Shawn Mendes on Instagram: "I called him the other day." This led both Millie Bobby Brown and Jimmy to guffaw, calling out on Schnapp's lie. Fallon retorted with a laugh, "Why would you call him if you have him on - If you're DMing? I'm going to say it's a lie," while Millie agreed: "It's a lie."


"It's... the truth," Noah Schnapp confirmed, standing up and having a mic drop moment. While Jimmy Fallon shouted, "What?! Wow! Acting. Acting. Mastermind. Noah Schnapp," Millie Bobby Brown exclaimed with surprise at her best friend: "Oh, my God!"

Watch Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown and Jimmy Fallon playing a witty game of True Confessions on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Falon below:

We can't stop laughing at Noah Schnapp's true confession!

Noah Schnapp & Doja Cat's Instagram DMs Drama

Besides a recent awkward video exchange mishap with The Bachelor's Hannah Godwin, this isn't the first time that Noah Schnapp has been publicly involved with some drama surrounding Instagram DMs. Back in July, Noah had revealed, in a TikTok video, his private DMs chat with Doja in which the Grammy winner asked the SAG winner to tell his Stranger Things co-star Joseph Quinn to "hmu." (Hit me up.) While Cat called out Schnapp on his "borderline snake s**t" move, Noah revealed in a TikTok video - while listening to Doja Cat ft. SZA's Kiss Me More - that he apologised to Doja: "Guys everything is all good I apologized and I still follow her and love her music no hard feelings."


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