The Suicide Squad: James Gunn on 'replacing' David Ayer, John Cena & chances of the movie releasing online

The Suicide Squad director James Gunn hosted an AMA where he addressed numerous questions regarding the DC movie.
The Suicide Squad: James Gunn on 'replacing' David Ayer, John Cena & chances of the movie releasing online
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The Suicide Squad is scheduled to release next year. The new DCEU movie retains a few faces from David Ayer's Suicide Squad while recruiting a slew of new faces for the project. While director James Gunn had previously said that the two projects are different, he now addressed the talks about "replacing" David Ayer in the franchise. The director opened up about it during his recent Ask Me Anything session. A fans asked Gunn about his thoughts on replacing Ayer. 

To that Gunn replied, "I don't think of myself as replacing David since he wasn't doing the movie when I came on board." In another response to a fan about the project, Gunn clarified that he hasn't deemed The Suicide Squad as a "reboot." He said, "I haven't called The Suicide Squad anything of the sort (and I haven't categorized it in any way.)

The filmmaker has previously confirmed that he is editing the DCEU film at home, during the lockdown in the US. The filmmaker has now revealed that during the edit, he came across some hilarious moments. The director revealed the editing table details when a fan asked him if there were any "funny unscripted moments" that he came across during the edit. Gunn admitted that there are moments featuring John Cena, Pete Davidson and Flula Borg. 

Gunn was also asked if it were in his control, would he release The Suicide Squad or the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 on streaming platforms. Gunn said, "Only if that was the only way they could be seen." Check out his responses below: 

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