Sulli's mom reveals she was against idol's BF Choiza & the moment the mother-daughter relationship fell apart

Sulli passed away in 2019. Almost a year since the untimely demise, her mother opened up about her bond with the actress-singer and her thoughts on Sulli dating Choiza.
Sulli's mom reveals she was against idol's BF Choiza & the moment the mother-daughter relationship fell apart Sulli's mom reveals she was against idol's BF Choiza & the moment the mother-daughter relationship fell apart
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In October, fans will mark the first death anniversary of Sulli. The South Korean singer and actress passed away on October 14, 2019. Ahead of her death anniversary, MBC released a new documentary about Sulli which featured her mother. The documentary was titled "Why Were You Uncomfortable With Sulli?" where her mother opened up about the singer's childhood, her casting in Ballad of Seodong, shared her thoughts on Sulli's relationship with Choiza and her reaction to the news of Sulli's passing on. 

As reported by Soompi, The late actress's mother recalled that the mother-daughter duo faced financial challenges after she split from her husband but Sulli's casting in Ballad of Seodong changed the little one's life. She was lauded with praise from the director, which boasted the child actress's confidence. 

Sulli went on to become a part of SM Entertainment and lived in a dorm with Girls Generation members Tiffany and Taeyeon. While Sulli's idol career began growing, her personal life also became the talk of the town. The singer began dating Dynamic Duo’s Choiza in 2015. The couple shared an age difference of 14 years and went on to date for two years and seven months. 

Sulli's mother confessed she disapproved of the relationship and it severed the mother-daughter relationship. "Our whole family was happy before news of Sulli’s relationship broke. Even after seeing photos [of the two], I didn’t believe it," she said, adding that she called Sulli to confirm the news. "To suddenly have a boyfriend 14 years older than you means that you move up too many steps without having that middle ground. Everything changes, like how you play, drinking culture, and your conversation patterns," she said. 

Sulli wasn't happy that her mother and family disapproved of her relationship, the idol's mother recalled. She said that Sulli told her at the time, "‘I think I’ve worked hard until now to earn this money, so please recognize that.’ Starting with her next payment, she said that she would personally receive money from her agency and that I had to write a detailed statement [of my expenses] for compensation. Since I also have a fiery personality, we settled everything then. After that, we spoke occasionally but essentially never saw each other." 

The mother shared her thoughts on Sulli's death. She said she received the information through a phone call. "She always lived alone in that house but I couldn’t give permission to let her leave the last time by herself. I said that I would bring her out holding her hand and went to Sulli’s house. She was by herself in a room on the second floor. I touched her hands, and her face, and sat there for an hour. I wish I had touched her from head to toe. I still feel regretful thinking that I wasn’t able to say goodbye properly one last time. That I’m sorry for being so late. I think about wanting to go back to all the times I missed," she said. 

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