Summer Walker DEBUTS face tattoo of boyfriend’s name, faces backlash

Updated on Nov 25, 2021 06:49 PM IST  |  168.8K
Summer Walker facing backlash
The "Over It" singer is now facing backlash on social media


Looks like Summer Walker and her rapper boyfriend, LVRD Pharaoh, are making their relationship permanent. The "Girls Need Love" singer, 25, revealed on Instagram on Monday that she and her boyfriend, whose actual name is Larry, had their names tattooed on their faces.


Check out her new tattoo below:


"Bestfriend," Walker captioned a shot of the duo canoodling, flaunting their new tattoos for her millions of Instagram followers. However, Walker's "Larry" tattoo is located just above her cheekbone, adjacent to her left eye, whereas Pharaoh's "Summer" tattoo is located just above his right brow. Pharaoh also posted the picture to his Instagram account, captioning the snap, "Eternal Love Wins." Interestingly, while it is unknown when Walker and Pharaoh's connection became serious, given the singer announced last month that she was single, Pharaoh informed followers on Tuesday on Instagram that they had been in one other's lives since 2014.

However, The "Over It" singer is now facing backlash on social media. “I cant keep defending summer walker. that new tattoo … she’s so damn stupid,” a frustrated fan lamented on Twitter as per The New York Post. “I’m disappointed in Summer Walker at this point,” tweeted another, punctuating her disapproval with the confused emoji. “Why tf would she go and tattoo that man name on her face?.” Looks like, fans of the "Girls Need Love" singer are worried that her facial tattoo is a sign that she's rushing into a new relationship without thinking about the emotional consequences.

“Not Summer Walker giving us a whole album about how men ain’t sh–t and then going and doing some reckless sh–t like tattoo a mans name on her forehead?? Girl who tf is LARRY?? Bye,” penned another naysayer. However, side-stepping the backlash, Walker wrote a message to her supporters, via Instagram Story, saying, “Moral of the story is: (if you listened to my album) learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, heal, find happiness and most importantly move on.”

Check out her post here:

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