Taron Egerton debunks rumours of replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine: I love Marvel, but it's just fan stuff

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Taron Egerton debunks rumours of replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine: I love Marvel, but it's just fan stuff

Taron Egerton has found himself debunking Wolverine casting rumours yet again. It has been over four years since Hugh Jackman bowed down as the renowned X-Men mutants in Logan. While the character was seen dying in the James Marigold flick, the resurrection is obviously possible and a new actor could be roped in to play the Wolverine. While fans have nominated several actors for the role, Egerton has been linked to the X-Men role via rumours a few times now. 

The actor gound himself clarifying that he isn't playing the next Wolverine in an interview with British GQ. Addressing the speculations, Kingsman: The Secret Service star deemed the rumours "flattering" but assured he wasn't filling Jackman's shoes. "That anyone thinks I would be good for the part is really flattering. I love Marvel, but it's just fan stuff. There is no grounding for those rumors," he said. 

The clarification comes almost a year after Taron addressed the rumours at a convention. Via Comicbook.com, at the time, the actor said, "I think that I love those films and I've got lots of friends who play roles in those films and they love it and they have a great time... I don't know. I think the Logan thing is really interesting. I'm slightly baffled by it, I've never felt like a Wolverine sort of guy." 

While the actor might not think of himself as a "Wolverine sort of guy," he did say he hopes to be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point in the future. "I think that one's a few years away. I know that Kevin [Feige's] spoken about it being a few years away. Maybe in a few years I'll look rough enough for it. I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a fan of those fans and of course I would, I would love to be a part of them," he said. 

If not for Wolverine, which Marvel character would Taron be perfect for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Anonymous : The people that hate the idea is because your picturing him as acting as heugh Jackman. Not wolverine. I think he could be wolverine but its too soon to replace jackman.
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