Taylor Swift collaborates with Ryan Reynolds for a new version of her 2008 song 'Love Story'

Taylor Swift has recently re-recorded her popular song Love Story for an ad by Ryan Reynolds. Read on for further details.
Taylor Swift collaborates with Ryan Reynolds for a new version of her 2008 song 'Love Story'
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Many of us used to listen to Taylor Swift’s 2008 song Love Story on repeat mode during our teenage years. Well, there is some good news for all the ardent fans of the international singer. The popular song from the album ‘Fearless’ has got a brand new version and it features none other than the Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds himself. Yes, you heard it right. Swift has re-recorded the rendition for an ad and shared a still from the same on social media.

This ad by Reynolds features Satan who finds his perfect match on a dating app and later goes on an entertainment spree with ladylove on earth. Interestingly, the woman is named 2020 in the ad that also includes the new version of Taylor Swift’s iconic ballad ‘Love Story.’ Now, the fans will be happy to know that it is strikingly similar to the original version accept for the fact that there will be no Romeos or Juliets dancing inside a ball room!

Talking about the pop star, she is currently re-recording her first six albums at a time when she has been attempting to regain ownership of her music catalog. As of now, everyone is aware of Swift’s ongoing battle with record executive Scooter Braun. The latter not only acquired the right to her masters but also sold them to a private equity firm without the singer’s knowledge. Now, Taylor Swift is all set to record the new versions of most of her songs to regain whatever she has lost till date. 

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