Taylor Swift INCLUDES her emotional song Ronan about cancer patients in the remastered version of ‘Red’

Updated on Aug 01, 2021 09:31 PM IST  |  77.3K
Taylor Swift has mailed Maya Thompson, Ronan’s mother, to permit her to include her song ‘Ronan’ in her remastered version of Red.


Taylor Swift will re-release her album Red as a part of 'Taylor's version'. One of the songs that fans can expect in this 'Red' will be her 2012's Stand Up To Cancer Telethon single 'Ronan' which Swift had composed following a young cancer patient Ronan Thompson's death. Ronan's mother Maya Thompson took to her blog to open up about Taylor's personal email to her regarding including the song on her album.


"She is and will always be one of the things I hold dearest to my heart and her beautiful words will remain private," Maya said, adding that Swift took special permission from the mother to include the song in her remastered album. "As my co-writer and the rightful owner to this story in its entirety, your opinion and approval of this idea really matters to me, and I'll honour your wishes here," Taylor shared with Ronan's mother.


Adding that, Red was an album about "heartbreak", "healing", "rage" and "rawness" Taylor, in a part of her email, revealed that Ronan would be appropriate for the remastered album because of the honesty in the story. Maya, in her blog, shared that she cried while reading Taylor's heartfelt message to her. "It took me an hour to absorb the words in front of me...I cried while sharing the news," added an overwhelmed Maya.


The mother later added that Taylor putting a song for her son in her album will ensure that her son has a "permanent home." Speaking about the Willow singer's generosity, Maya added that the singer is giving "voice" to the "voiceless", and this might pave the way for more childhood cancer funding for children.


Taylor's version of Red is slated to release in November 2021. Are you looking forward to the album? Share your views with Pinkvilla in the comments below.


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