Taylor Swift talks about Easter eggs dropped in Evermore; Says Joe Alwyn chose his pseudonym himself

Taylor Swift recently addressed fan theories and Easter eggs about her new album Evermore. She also revealed that her boyfriend Joe Alwyn chose his pseudonym William Bowery himself.
Taylor Swift talks about Easter eggs dropped in Evermore; Says Joe Alwyn chose his pseudonym himself
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Taylor Swift was asked about her boyfriend Joe Alwyn‘s songwriting pseudonym! The 31-year-old singer appeared on the late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (December 14) to chat about her new album Evermore and her Disney+ documentary film Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions. “Your boyfriend wrote some of the lyrics to some of the songs under a pseudonym, William Bowery. Who chose that name?” Jimmy asked. Taylor replied, “He did.”


When asked for the inspiration behind the name, Taylor said, “You gotta ask him because it’s really more of his story than mine.” Jimmy then told her to turn the camera around and let him talk, which led her to let out a big laugh. 


In the same interview, Taylor addressed the fans theory that a third pandemic album titled Woodvale would be released.  “Well, this takes a bit of explanation. I tend to be sort of annoyingly secret-agenty about dropping clues and hints and Easter eggs. It’s very annoying, but it’s fun for fans and it’s fun for me because they like to pick up on things. And they’ll notice lots of things in music videos and photos or whatever. Sometimes I take it too far and make a mistake,” Taylor said.


Taylor continued, “Basically, when I was making Folklore, the album that came out back in July, I was too afraid to even unveil the title of the album to even my closest teammates and management. I didn’t tell anyone the album title until right before it came out. I came up with a fake code name that had the same amount of letters as Folklore. Chose a random name. Chose Woodvale. Wanted to see how it would look on the album covers, mocked them up, and then decided I don’t actually want to have a title on the album covers. And we forgot to take the fake code name off of one of them.”


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