Thank You BTS trends as ARMY gush over for their touching Dear Class of 2020 speeches and fun performances

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Thank You BTS trends as ARMY gush over for their touching Dear Class of 2020 speeches and fun performances

Since this year’s graduates did not get to go out and celebrated their graduation ceremony, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, YouTube surprised them by bringing together some of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment industry for a rocking virtual ceremony titled ‘Dear Class of 2020.’ BTS’s Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook also joined the ceremony and treated their fans to a rendition of their smash hits, Boy with Luv, Spring Day, Mikrokosmos. 

In addition to delivering stunning performances, the K-pop band members also shared messages loaded with hope and love for their fans, and the ARMY is flooding Twitter with thank you messages. The fans took to social media and brimmed with pride as they praised the band for their hopeful words. During their appearance, some of the members shared their own graduation memories, while others chose to address the deadly virus that is taking the world by storm. 

Check out the virtual ceremony here: 

“Thank you for your wise advice I am very happy thank you,” a fan tweeted. “This year was my graduation in high school I was sad that I couldn't celebrate with my friends, but seeing them here and congratulating for graduating in 2020 my feelings got better. Thank you BTS, I love you guys. I purple you,” another fan wrote. “BTS congratulated me more than my own family for graduating from college tbh,” a fan joked. 

During the ceremony, RM reflected on his own middle school graduation, which took place about 10 years ago, and said he wanted to hold on to those days forever. He also revealed that his band members were with him during his high school years. Jungkook advised the young graduates to never stop learning new things. Meanwhile, Jin recalled his post-graduation struggles and advised the graduates to take it slow and focus on what they want.

“I think about your health and whether you're doing okay, whether you are holding on tight during a time when nothing seems to go as planned, whether your body and mind are all safe and sound."  Jimin said reflecting on the ongoing health crisis. Suga advised the graduates to focus on the changes they can make in the world instead of trying to control something they can’t.

J-Hope urged the graduates to trust themselves and move forward. While he admitted that it might be difficult to deal with situations some times, the 26-year-old advised them to pick themselves up and keep moving forward. V too asked them to listen to their hearts and do what they feel like in life and keep their hopes high. 

Check out the ARMY’s reactions: 

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Anonymous : Their perfomance was amazing my eyes were stuck at Rm!!!
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Anonymous : Their speeches were so touching and meaningful ! And their performance radiated joy of life, especially Tae.
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