Thanksgiving 2019: FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes you should rewatch this traditional holiday

10 FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes to binge watch this Thanksgiving and have a laugh riot.
FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes. FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes.
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FRIENDS even since airing the first episode 25 years has garnered a tremendous fan following. Fans love every bit of the series. FRIENDS starred Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer in the lead roles. The series also guest starred some famous Hollywood celebs like Paul Rudd, Brad Pitt, Tom Selleck, Julia Roberts, Cole Sprouse, etc. FRIENDS went on to air for 10 years. They recently had a reunion and Jennifer Aniston posted the photo from the reunion as her Instagram debut photo, which broke the internet. 

FRIENDS also aired episodes relating to the festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc. Every season had a Thanksgiving episode except for season 2. Though Thanksgiving is briefly mentioned in season 2, but they don’t celebrate it like the other seasons. The Thanksgiving episode mainly consisted of the group hanging out together.

Here are the Thanksgiving episodes in order:

1] “The One Where the Underdog Gets Away” in Season 1

The group’s first Thanksgiving together showcased hilarious adventures revolving around the traditions. 

2] “The One with the List” in Season 2


Thanksgiving is very briefly mentioned in the episode where Monica is hired to make ‘Mockolate’ for Thanksgiving. 

3] “The One with the Football” in Season 3

The episode highlights the sibling rivalry in a very comedic manner. This is one of the episodes which is not shot only in Monica’s Apartment.

4] “The One with Chandler in a Box” in Season 4

Chandler kisses Joey’s girlfriend and Joey punishes him by putting him in a box. Ross blames Rachel for not having sentiments with gifts and Monica ends up kissing Richard’s son. 

5] “The One with the All the Thanksgiving” in Season 5

The group sits and starts narrating stories of each other’s awkward and embarrassing or well worst Thanksgiving ever. Just a reminder, this is where Chandler first said I love you to Monica ever!

6] “The One Where Ross Got High” in Season 6

This is one of the most hilarious Thanksgiving episodes. Rachel’s trifle, Ross and Monica’s revelations in front of their parents would be the highlight of the episode. 

7] “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs” in Season 7

The episode mostly revolves around Chandler not liking dogs and Rachel trying to impress her new assistant. 

8] “The One with the Rumor” in Season 8 

Brad Pitt guest stars in this episode as Monica and Ross's old friend from school who hates Rachel and it leads to hilarious interactions. 

9] “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister” in Season 9 

Christina Applegate guest stars as Rachel’s sister. She argues with Rachel and Ross that if they die, she should be the one to get their baby, while Monica tries to protect her wedding crockery.

10] “The One with the Late Thanksgiving” in Season 10

The last ever Thanksgiving the fans got to see. The episode was hilarious as Joey, Ross, Phoebe and Rachel were late for the Thanksgiving at Monica and Chandler’s place, but things turn emotional as Monica receives a call regarding for adopting a child.


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