The Baldwins: Everything To Know About Alec and Hilaria Baldwin's New Reality Series

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin join TLC's reality lineup with The Baldwins, debuting in 2025, offering an inside look into their chaotic family life, controversies, and ongoing legal challenges.

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  11:12 PM IST |  53.7K
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The Baldwins ( Image via IMDb)
Key Highlight
  • Alec Baldwin's family life will be featured in TLC's upcoming show
  • The series will likely explore Hilaria's contested heritage claims

TLC is adding a well-known family to its cast of reality television personalities. Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin, his wife, will open their cluttered home to viewers in 2025 through a new reality series. The show’s working title is The Baldwins. 

In an Instagram video announcing this, the couple showed their seven kids running around like lunatics thus promising the public a treat on prime time TV. According to TLC, Alec and Hilaria have been in the media since they got married twelve years ago. It aims at bringing out love, laughter and drama into viewers' lives.

Success for reality show

In the realm of reality TV, TLC has created space by providing documentary-style programs that focus on different facets of existence. Some of these include; 90 Day Fiancé, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and lately Dr Pimple Popper. Family oriented content such as Little People Big World has also done well. 

Given the publicity surrounding Alec and Hilaria Baldwin over time it is thought that many people will be interested in their new show. Whether or not the show discusses any controversies involving this family; who have regularly appeared in tabloids, remains unknown.

Who Is Hilaria Baldwin?

Alec Baldwin has been together with Hilaria since 2012. They are parents to seven children altogether. His now-wife was already a certified yoga instructor holding a New York University degree; she met him in 2011. As someone who grew up between Boston and Spain, her background is multicultural. They tied knots in June 2012 then Carmen Gabriela came along as their first daughter in August 2013. They had six more after including instances where they went through miscarriages.


A tragic event occurred within the confines of Baldwin’s household when cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot dead mistakenly by Alec while he was shooting Rust last year. 

All the same, this incident had far-reaching implications for their family as Alec is still embroiled in legal wrangles arising from it. Hilaria has been there supporting him despite these issues.

Hilaria Baldwin: A controversial figure

Hilaria Baldwin has also found her fair share of trouble. For years she claimed to be Spanish which was proved wrong in 2020 when it turned out that she was actually born Hillary Thomas in Boston. This became a media frenzy and Hilaria had to clarify her background. She continued with her Spanish mannerisms even under public and social media scrutiny.

Rachel Dolezal, who falsely represented herself as an African American, was likened to her by some people because of her heritage claims. It kept changing but many felt she misrepresented herself. As a result, she became more controversial thus attracting more publicity in media circles too.


What is next for Hilaria Baldwin?

Hilaria has been criticized for many personal decisions that she has made, like allowing her young daughter to wear makeup and the huge age gap between her and Alec. However, she keeps clamoring for attention. She even had talks on joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before The Baldwins was announced.

Their new show on TLC will enable Alec and Hilaria Baldwin to open up their private lives to the world. The series is stated as one of the most awaited reality programs in 2025. Will the Baldwins discuss their controversies or just display a glossy version of their lives? TLC’s fresh lineup includes The Baldwins, which blends fame with drama and family life.

Watch all TLC reality shows including The Baldwins on Discovery Plus.

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When will The Baldwins premiere on TLC?
The show is set to debut in 2025.

What controversies surround Hilaria Baldwin?
Hilaria faced backlash for falsely claiming Spanish heritage and has dealt with public scrutiny over her background.

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