Is there a Taylor Swift and Adele collaboration in the works? Here's the truth

4 weeks ago  |  98.9K
Taylor Swift and Adele may not be collaborating anytime soon

Taylor Swift and Adele fans recently went into a frenzy after an anonymous screenshot from a fan account claimed that the two amazing artists were to collaborate for a song together. The news went viral on July 2 as fans began to cheer for a Swift and Adele number that could warm their hearts. Well, unfortunately, fans may have to wait a little longer for this to happen because as per E! the reports may not be true.

According to an E! source, "there is no truth" in the reports of Taylor and Adele's collaboration. It all started after reports claimed an alleged song titled Broken Hearts on the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers was listed under the names of Adele and Taylor Swift in credits.

While it wasn't with Adele, Swift recently did release a new collaboration with the song Renegade. The singer worked along with Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon for the track and recently also released a lyrics video along with it. Taylor has co-written the emotional ballad and it has already been receiving a lot of love from fans.

Swift fans have several things to look forward to including her second re-recorded album, Red which the singer recently announced. As per Swift, the album will introduce 30 unreleased tracks.

As for Adele, fans have been eagerly waiting for the British singer to drop a new album since a while now. The singer's last album release was in 2015 when she unveiled 25. It has been reported that the singer has been working on something new and it will reportedly talk about her divorce and her personal life. 

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